Enquirer Puts Focus on "Mommy Wars"


For those of you living in the ‘Nati, you might appreciate the usually conservative Cincinnati Enquirer‘s refreshing take on the so-called “Mommy Wars” in Sunday’s editorial section. There’s a nice cross-section of opinions from local folks (including yours truly), plus a guest column calling for a cease-fire on the Mommy Wars, and an editorial about declaring war on anti-family policies and attitudes.

As an added bonus, I hope you’ll enjoy this Jim Borgman editorial cartoon as much as I did. I really do dream about cloning myself! It’s the perfect solution to all my problems.

5 thoughts on “Enquirer Puts Focus on "Mommy Wars"

  1. Wow! I had almost given up on the Enquirer as being hopelessly behind the times, but that editorial rocked!!

    “The notion that the conflicts between child-rearing and career-building belong to females alone is an outdated, narrow-minded and ultimately insulting idea. The assumption itself oozes with guilt, and with misplaced responsibility.”

    Amen! I’m so happy that people are starting to see beyond this “Mommy Wars” crap and look at the real issues. This is about families, not just moms.

  2. OK. It’s me again. I just read all the other stuff you linked, Susan, and wow. I am almost in tears. I have never before seen people talk so articulately about this issue. I have never seen anybody take on the big picture and take the burden off the shoulders of moms. I feel almost like a weight has been taken off my own back. This is great. I hope everybody who reads this blog takes time to click on these links and to make their voices heard.

  3. selfmademom says:

    My MIL told me about the headline when she was in the ‘natti this past weekend… kudos!

  4. That was great, I loved the editorial. So true, that this Mommy Wars nonsense is just nonsense. But hey maybe it’s just easier to pit women against each other and watch the scratching and hissing as opposed to shine light on the real issues.

    And let’s put ourselves aside also and look at another serious issue in this country. As Martin states:

    “With all due respect to the foremothers of the movement, I believe that this revolution is not just about mothers or even families, but about the quality of people’s lives.

    We all work too much. Studies show that burn out not only affects the bottom line negatively, but stress is a key factor in many of the most common illnesses – heart disease, stroke, cancers.”

    America works too much. Men and women, mothers and non-mothers. Maybe if we look at it from this angle, we could all put our gloves down!

  5. What’s particularly sucky about all this work Americans are doing is we’re not getting paid more for it. Productivity has gone up, up, up over the past few years, yet the gap between rich and middle-class/poor continues to widen. NPR is doing an indepth series on the topic, if you feel like being depressed (but knowledgable).

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