Everything at Home Is a Mess

With less than three months to go till Baby Boy arrives, we’ve been working on getting the house ready for an additional resident. That involves a huge amount of clean-up, organization, room-shifting, home improvements (new floors, painting, etc.) and purchases of new furnishings.

Maybe if I had a week off work and a staff of helpers, I could get this massive whole-home project done and everything would be neatly in order. No such luck. Instead, we’re trying to “get to it when we can,” which is almost never.

One Saturday, we had my mom watch Cassie for the day while we cleaned out a room. Another weekend, I made like a tornado through our basement while Hubs kept the kiddo occupied upstairs. Every day, I promise myself I’ll catch up on the dishes, laundry and junk piles that evening so our house can be somewhat liveable during the process. Then every night, I barely accomplish anything other than getting Cassie bathed and put to bed before I collapse on the couch. And while it may not qualify as “the nation’s messiest house” (a dubious honor recently bestowed on a fellow Cincinnatian), our house is definitely a disaster in my eyes.

For my inner neat-freak, the new few weeks, possibly months, will be rough as we try to plow through the to-do list. In the meantime, all I can do is keep my little work cubicle neat and clean. That’s all I have the time and energy to maintain control over at this point!

P.S. I’m hungry.

5 thoughts on “Everything at Home Is a Mess

  1. I was just going to post on the EXACT SAME THING!! We need an organization expert to come in here with a free, Norwegian-designed furniture “system” to help us make the best use of the tiny space we have for our growing family. Anybody out there want to take Susan and me up on this? Perhaps for a bit of free publicity?

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I’m in the exact same boat. I can’t seem to finish packing for the move, and in the war between me and junk closet, the junk is kicking my ass. We did manage to paint my new office last night–except for the trim.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just breathe, don’t panic. I found the harder I try to control things the more they control me. Let things happen freely and I bet you everything will work out just fine. Keep reminding yourself of the fact that you are not Superwoman.

  4. Jen Swendiman says:

    Hi ladies – As a fellow Cincinnatian, blogger & working mom, I have to say I love your site! Oh, and I also happen to be a professional organizer & real estate agent. Let's chat – I would be thrilled to help you out any way I can!

  5. Hey, Jen! I’ll definitely get in touch! Give me a couple of weeks to have this baby and get into the swing of new Mommyhood again, then we can chat!

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