Extreme Job Hunting

I just saw a story on Good Morning America about extreme job hunting and the lengths that people are taking to find a new job. Now a days you need more than a pretty cover letter and a well written resume.

You may need a website, a billboard, or some sort of creative gimmick. Just think twice before you post a video resume on YouTube. Unless you’re Michael Cera.

With unemployment rates at an all time high and a new batch of college grads, a job seeker really needs to step up his or her game.

Are you job hunting? What have you done to stand out to a recruiter? Or if you’re recruiter, what tips do you have for job hunters?

4 thoughts on “Extreme Job Hunting

  1. michael cera is a cute little genius. i love that kid!

  2. God, I LOVE Michael Cera and I sure miss Arrested Development!

    When I finished college in 1991 (during a tanked economy) I sent the sole of my shoe to a potential employer with a note saying “I want this job with all my heart and soul.” I got the interview just because the boss wanted to see what kind of freak would do such a thing. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.

  3. Remember Nate Cremer and his personally branded bottle of coffee creamer? Also, the detached rubber foot (to get his foot in the door)? We all thought he was a weirdo but he got hired and now he is much beloved.

  4. Yes, I remember the rubber foot, but not the coffee creamer. I thought that was pretty creative.

    And the “heart and soul” is funny, too!

    A professor in college told us about a student who wanted a job at an ad agency. So he sent them an audio tape of his mother, who loved bragging all about him.

    When I first started freelancing, I sent potential clients my handmade cell phone holders, with the message “Call me when you need a crafty copywriter.”

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