Feeling the Crunch

I know the last thing you probably want to talk about is the state of the economy. But anymore it’s getting hard to ignore. While some families in this country have been turning a blind eye or just riding out the storm, others have been severely affected, from losing their jobs or going into foreclosure on their homes. I can’t imagine being one of those families, and I pray things turn around quick.

We’re fortunate we still have a roof over our heads. We’ve dealt with high gas prices by adjusting our driving habits. We’ve been watching our 401K and IRA go down and just been hoping they’ll bounce back. And I’ve been studying sales ads and clipping coupons to combat high grocery prices. For the most part, we’ve been doing what we can to just get through it.

But, now, we’re gonna feel the crunch.

My freelance copywriting business has slowed down tremendously in the last month. I’m counting on a few payments to help us get through the next month or two. But, if things don’t pick up, it’s going to be a tight winter. I’ve started considering picking up a second job. Maybe something part-time that will help bring in additional income. And I’ve been thinking of creative ways to save money to get us through the holidays.

Yesterday, I reviewed our budget to find some ways to cut back. This month I’m really going to try to lower our grocery bill even more and limit spending on entertainment. We rarely go out as it is. But, looking ahead we have some parties and activities already planned that I’m going to have to get creative with. For example, instead buying gifts I’ll have to get crafty with my supplies of beads and yarn.

If things get worse, we’ll just have to cut back some more. Even worse, I might have to find a new full-time position. And if things get too much to bare, we always can sell the house. Although it’s not the best time to sell. It’s an option we can hopefully fall back on.

It might be a little too early to panic, but at least I’m thinking ahead. And don’t get me wrong, I know things could be worse. I just know the economy is something my family can no longer ignore.

Oh, and you might get a kick out of this: When talking to husband about saving money and thinking about how much our heating bill might be this winter, he proposed “Frontier Fridays.” Nights when we turn everything off and camp out in front of our wood-burning fireplace. I’m all for family-bonding time. But, yikes.

2 thoughts on “Feeling the Crunch

  1. I’m concerned, too. We haven’t felt the crunch yet as far as being forced to cut back, but we have been cutting back voluntarily all summer, and now I’m trying to save cash like nobody’s business. I pray we’ll sail through this, but nothing is guaranteed. Family members are just going to have to understand when we don’t spend as much for Christmas this year. And what really pisses me off is that the people who got us into this mess are already multi-millionaires, and many stand to still receive golden parachutes after running their companies and this nation’s economy into the ground. I’m so angry about that I could spit. We live good, clean responsible lives – we don’t live above our means, and we play by the rules. It’s a crime that we now have to worry like this.

    But Frontier Fridays actually sounds like fun! Can we join you? I’ll bring popcorn and we can teach the kids how to play charades!

  2. Actually I was serious about frontier fridays. As a simple man I think it could be fun, and we may learn something about ourselves and each other. For sure we will all talk to each other more, with no distractions. It sounds like I already have some interest, and it’s only been a month. I only fear that Zoe, combined with Margaret and a fire, they may just destroy the world.


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