Five Become Two

movingI have been MIA for a moment. Why, you ask? (well, you probably didn’t, but I am going to tell you anyways!) After pipes burst in the home that I had been renting, the lower level flooded – which forced our family into moving and changes faster than we expected. So, it has been a crazy month!

First, do you know where your water shut-off is? If not, you should go find out! 45 minutes of constant water is a lot of friggin water! We rallied together to save as much as we could and then worked together to clean up as much as we could afterwards. Then, we were told that it couldn’t be repaired in a timely manner and we should find another place to live. Talk about not planned for!

Well, we managed to secure three locations. The boys went west to a house they rented. My daughter went south to an apartment she found. My youngest daughter and I went slightly north into an apartment. And my meltdown happened somewhere in the middle.

When your children leave home, I always thought it would be one child at a time. I was hit with three kids leaving all at once and moving into a place with only two of us left. I cried driving back from dropping a load off at my boys’ new place. When they caught up to me at home, they asked me what was wrong and then I lost it again. It dawned on me somewhere in the middle of all that time that I had lived with these kids for 20+ years of my life. How do you live with three people for that long and then they are suddenly gone from your home?

Remember the day you dropped your kids off at daycare or with someone else for the first time? Remember that feeling of worry that they will be ok and wishing you didn’t have to leave them? Triple that and add 10. *sigh*

Since then, I have listened to their struggles as they carve their own way with their new homes. I have talked to them about the power in the “Ramen Noodle moments”. We all have had them, haven’t we? Well, mine was Banquet Pot Pie moments, but you get the picture.

This weekend, was the first time in weeks that I could sit down and take it all in. Kylie and I have had our relationship dynamic change – for the better. It’s actually been nice to have the time with her and forging together building a new home to live in and figuring out what our day-to-day life looks like now. We’ve also noted the quiet. Seems odd sometimes to have so much quiet. The dog was lost at first, but I think he has figured out this is home now, too.

So, while I was going to make this a long entry, I just sit here thinking – wow – how life can change so quickly. Kids grow and all of this “working mom guilt”, it ends up being a moment in the wind in the grand scheme of things. The kids end up ok. Really. The one thing I have heard so many times over the last few weeks is “Mom, you did this and took care of 5 people all by yourself. I know I can do this and take care of me.” Now THAT tells me that the kids watching me work and take care of business did nothing but teach them they can do anything! So proud of them all!

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  1. My mother was a single parent and as hard as it was it taught me that I could take care of myself as well. You did a good job. Give yourself a big pat on the back!

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