Friday Finds – 12/22/06

Yippee, Christmas break is almost here! Check out these Friday Finds, because–let’s face it–you’re not getting any work done today.


– Making a dessert for the party? Last Friday, I saw Rachel Ray on Oprah make a Five-Minute Fudge Wreath. It looks easy, so I’m going to try it. Let’s hope my in-laws love it.

The elves are in Mariemont! If you grew up in Cincinnati, you might remember when Shillito’s downtown (a.k.a Lazurus, a.k.a Macy’s) had the elves workshop. It was by far the coolest holiday display around. I was happy to read in the Enquirer last Sunday that some of the elves are on display at Mariemont Square. Now, we just need to track down the talking reindeer…

– Did you buy someone a gift card? Make sure they use it! According to this article, the National Retail Federation estimates $4.7 billion in gift cards will never be redeemed. Last year the Best Buy Corporation reported $43 million in unused gift card revenue. That’s crazy! If you get an unwanted gift card, check out Gift Card Buy Back or CardAvenue.

So Jane Jetson didn’t turn out to be the mom of the future. In today’s world she’d be divorced from George, working full-time for Mr. Spacely while trying to balance life at home with Elroy, Judy, and Astro (forget about Rosie the robot). Nevertheless, I still have a special place in my heart for the classic Hanna-Berbera cartoon along with Scooby Doo, The Flintstones… and “Captain Ca-a-a-a-veman… and son.” Sadly, Joseph Barbera passed away on Tuesday. Take a walk down memory lane with these best of Hanna-Barbera cartoon intros.

– Holiday confessions–Have you ever re-gifted one of your child’s presents? Oh yeah, I’m guilty. Check out the BabyCenter® 2006 Holiday Survey to find out how parents answered on everything from holiday spending to keeping up traditions.

– What working moms DON’T want for Xmas (sorry, fellas)–I couldn’t help but post this hilarious SNL short featuring Adam Samburg and Justin Timberlake. Be careful, it’s a catchy tune. I have to stop myself from singing the chorus out loud.

– Can my son have any more stuffed animals? I was trying to “find” something clever I could do with them. My first thought was to recreate Flea’s pants from the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Higher Ground video. If you have any creative “animal-control” tactics, please share.

7 thoughts on “Friday Finds – 12/22/06

  1. just4ofus says:

    Yeah my husband sent me the D*** in a box video.. Yeah no thanks. Our cat took care of our animal control problem by peeing on a few stuffed animals and sending them off to their coffin in RUMPKE. Otherwise, the pants look like a great idea for a fashion statement for your son (the video).

  2. Man, Cara, you should have been in the office Thursday. EVERYBODY was playing D*** in a Box and laughing themselves silly. Imagine hearing that catchy hook coming from every corner. And then try not to sing it out loud. Dangerous!

  3. I am a total re-gifter. Having two boys (4 & 18 mos.) we get a lot of repeat gifts. I think it is perfectly acceptable to re-gift. I have several friends with young boys who have benefited and loved receiving the toys.
    I do want to note that I have never re-gifted a present that we did not already have, only duplicates.

  4. I kept meaning to post my parent’s stuffed-animal-control tactics but forgot. Be prepared, it’s a doozy. First, my parents purchased those net things (sort of look like hammocks?) that they draped in the four corners of my room and my animals hung out there.

    Then they took me to an allergist b/c I was getting frequent sinus infections. The dr. told my parents that dust mites lived in stuffed animals, and I should have limited exposure to them. So my parents packed up my stuffed animals and put them in the “attic.” When I asked about them a few months later, my parents kept avoiding the question in hopes that I’d ultimately forget about my precious stuffed animals. I never did, though. I only recently got them to admit that they tossed my animals away!

    Doesn’t matter though, b/c once they got rid of my stuffed animals, I reminded them that the dr. said I shouldn’t dust. So I got out of that household chore…

  5. I liked Tela suggestion of the net/hammocks in the child’s room. I’ve also seen shelving put up just a foot or so from the ceiling and the animals lined up like a border around the child’s room. In MY house the stuffed animal situation was WAY out of control…I have two daughters and everyone seems to think they want teddy bears, care bears, etc. I got to the point where when one new stuffed animal came in-two had to go out in its place. I let my 3 year old help with this decision so she knows the old toys are leaving. Check with your local law enforcement. If the stuffed animals are in good condition, the local police/sherriff’s dept. could use them. Often they are the first in dealing with domestic violence victims, child welfare issues, accident victims, etc. Officers often carry stuffed animals with them to comfort young, scared children and to help gain their trust.

  6. Thanks for the animal tips! We got Jonah a play-tent pirate ship for Xmas. Now he piles them all in there. At least they’re contained and not spread all over the floor.

    We had to punish him this weekend b/c he disobeyed and then lied about it. I said I would have to take away a toy for a week. He looked at me like he didn’t care. Then I said, “I know we’ll take away your stuffed animals.” His lip started to quiver and he said, “But… but I love my stuffed animals.” I resisted taking them all away and just took four of them. If I can’t contain them, at least they’re good for behavior bargaining!

  7. Jesse Stewart says:

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