Friday Finds – 12/29/06

Sorry the Friday Finds are a little late today. I have to admit, I don’t have a lot. I spent most of this week away from computer and enjoying a nice long break with my family. Can you blame me? So here’s what I got…

– Did you hear Julia Roberts is expecting her third child? Most probably you did. I’m always late with celeb gossip.
– Winter blahs, already? Check out the Great Wolf Lodge Resorts for a nice little getaway with the kids. There are about 10 in the country and each one has a 78,000 square-foot indoor waterpark. One just opened near us in Mason, Ohio. Hey, any GWL managers out there… I’m willing to come out and write a raving review in exchange for a free stay. Just putting it out there.
– I decided to do a little after-Christmas shopping for myself. I ended up returning a lot gifts, including a cross charm my husband gave me that I wasn’t entirely crazy about. So I was debating on getting myself the peas in a pod necklace from RedEnvelope or this pearl ring at I ended up with the ring. Less expensive and I guess I’m still considering having a third child, which means I would need 3 peas in my pod for the necklace. Anyway, what did you get this year? Anything good?

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