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Cara’s Finds

Hopefully, you’re enjoying a nice post-Thanksgiving holiday. Or, you’re shopping like a maniac. I’m spending time in Hilton Head with family. If you’re sitting there still trying to digest all that turkey, here are some finds:

–Free Dr. Pepper on Sunday. Dr. Pepper is keeping its promise. You can recieve a free bottle of Dr. Pepper, since Axl Rose released his long-awaited Chinese Democracy album before the end of 2008. Check the Dr Pepper website for the coupon on Sunday, it will be up for 24 hours.

Cute, wacky, and fun gifts. Thanks to the GoodyBlog, I found The boutique is located in NYC, but you can shop online for great little quirky gifts, from mini robo vacuums to smiley PB&J earrings. Get free shipping today, by using promo code “Mo”.

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