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Sara’s Finds

Too much! One of my writer friends posted this commercial in her Live Journal, and I thought it was awesome. Gooooooo dads!

Should your 6-year-old have a mobile phone? According to this, the “world’s first major mobile phone specifically designed to meet the demands of children and their parents will be launched next month in Hong Kong.” Normally I’d be making the sign of the cross at something like this, but after checking it out, I’m thinking it’s something I might actually be interested in when it makes its way to the US.

Cara’s Finds

Real Simple makes it simple. I’m so glad I started recieving Real Simple again. I love that magazine! The website is great, too. You can always find great tips and handy information, like this article on choosing the right cell phone . Pick up the December issue or go online for other great tidbits, like this great guide for gifts under $50.

Susan’s Finds

You know what you need? A younger, hotter and geekier Indiana Jones for your Sunday night viewing pleasure. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice, so I can tell you it’s a funny, entertaining adventure movie that puts a nice relaxing cap on your weekend. Noah Wyle reprises his role as the nerdy bookworm turned hero-adventurer in what is supposedly the final movie in the series. Watch or DVR the world premiere on Sunday, 8/7C, on TNT.


Save on baby stuff this Saturday. Babies ‘R’ Us is having a super mega sale on furniture, food, baby gear and clothing from 9:30am – 9:30pm.


Worried about the bad stuff lurking in kids’ toys these days? MomsRising wants to help you make the safest choices for your wee ones. Before you give a child a toy this holiday season, search the HealthyToys database for its chemical test results. When you’re at the store, you can search the HealthyToys database from your cell phone. Simply text “healthytoys [name of toy]” — for example “healthytoys Elmo” or “healthytoys Wii” — to 41411.

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. That commercial is great! Thanks for sharing, Sara.

  2. I love that commercial and put it on my blog as well!!! VERY CUTE!!!

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