Friday Finds – April 18, 2008

Susan’s Finds
Even though I think Bush was wearing his Bad Idea Jeans when he came up with the “economic stimulus” checks idea, I do love this initiative from Kroger. Starting on May 2, you can turn your $600 check from Uncle Sam into $660 in Kroger gift cards. With the staggering amount I drop at Kroger every week, I’ll go through those pretty fast. But an instant 10% return ain’t a bad investment, eh?

In a work brainstorm the other day, we were going around listing some of our favorite websites to visit. One 40-something coworker–who’s about as straight-laced as they come–proclaimed his undying love for Total Beauty. Mmmm-kay… Turns out, it is a pretty awesome site for beauty advice, new product info, and samples. Thanks for the tip, David!

Thick and rich and butt-ER-y! Remember Mrs. Butterworth? My favorite talking syrup bottle is back on TV after a decade-long hiatus. Check out her fun little Where’s Mrs. Butterworth? game on (OK, it probably won’t be that fun for you, but maybe for your kids.)

Sex trivia, drag queens, and prizes?! Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening in the Nati testing your knowledge of sex-related facts while drinking and being serenaded by drag queens?

You simply must RSVP now for the Sex Isn’t Always a Drag event sponsored by Planned Parenthood Young Professionals. All the cool moms will be there. It’s on Friday, May 30, starting at 7:30 p.m., at Adonis on Kellogg Avenue. Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door–but we’re pretty sure to sell out. So RSVP with payment now! Call (513) 721-7635 ext. 255 or email

Tela’s Finds

Want a free coffee maker? Want a free coffeemaker that’s convenient and easy to use? Then take this survey, and you might just qualify to receive a free Senseo(R) Single Serve Coffee Pod Maker, plus a bag of coffee pods, storage canister, and $20-off coupons to pass along to friends. Pretty cool.

–Children’s books for cheap. This weekend, check out Joseph-Beth’s annual Kids Bargain Book Blowout Sale. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the graphic.) Prices start at $1.50. Last year, thanks the tip from Sue, I scored a bunch of books that O loves. Can’t wait to check it out this year.

I can ride my bike with no handelbars. Can you? Flobots can. This song is such an ear worm… or maybe it’s a mindsticker.

Cara’s Finds

More camp friends. I said last week, I’d mention some more bloggers I met on the trip I took to New Jersey a few weeks ago.

  • MOMformationKristina and Kim both contribute to MOMformation, BabyCenter blog. Plus have their own personal blogs: Kristina’s TheEstrogenChronicles and Kim’s HormoneColoredDays. And… Kristina just released a book about the Shawn Hornbeck kidnapping case, called “Invisible Chains.
  • Mom Experts at–Ever wondered who’s little heads are pictured on articles? Now, I know two of them. Stephanie writes everything about baby and toddlers. And Heather writes about baby products.
  • Because I Said So–Dawn is a mom of six and has been “changing lives, one diaper at a time, since 1994.” She’s also has a book about to come out this summer, sharing her many humorous tales of parenting through the years.

Holy earthquake! I know this isn’t really a “find.” But did anybody else feel the earthquake last night? We we woke up to our bedroom doors rattling around. It’s pretty crazy because we don’t experience too many–if any–earthquake tremors here in the Midwest. Luckily, it was a little earthquake and no injuries or damages have been reported.

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds – April 18, 2008

  1. This is an excellent Friday Finds, if I do say so myself!

  2. Sears and K-mart are doing the stimulus/gift card deal as well.

  3. tela:
    I, too, can ride my bike with no handlebars.

    That one’s up there with “hey ya.”

  4. I just noticed the “Bad Idea Jeans” line in this post, after noticing it on Mr. and Mrs. Get Fit too. Hilarious. I’ve only ever heard my husband say that (I’ve picked it up from him). I don’t think I ever saw the skit it came from, but he and I always say it. Too funny!

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