Friday Finds – April 20, 2007

Tela’s Friday Finds

–If you love yourself some free samples, be sure to sign up for Dove’s newsletter. They always seem to be inventing some new product and giving some of it away. I usually throw all the samples in my weekend bag to use when I go on vacation or out of town for a few days. Although vacation is just a little more than a pipe dream these days…

You knows those inspirational kitten calendars? The ones that feature a picture of a kitten hanging from a tree along with the phrase “Hang In There”? For some reason kitten calendars are “inside joke” at our company, so when I saw Operation Kitten Calendar on VH1’s, I was intrigued. Then I started laughing. And I haven’t stopped. I’m stumped. Can’t wait for this week’s final episode.

Before I had a baby, I forgot JCPenney even existed. Well, except when I was 19 and worked there over Christmas break, but immediately after I forgot all about them. Anyway, I’ve rediscovered good ole JC because they sure do have a lot of kids clothes, and they go on sale. A lot. April 22, the store is having a Friends & Family event. Save an additional 20% with the code 12FAF.

Susan’s Friday Finds

I don’t know about you, but after the week I’ve had, I could really use a good laugh. After you recover from laughing hysterically at Operation Kitten Calendar, watch this new Will Ferrell video. It’s especially funny if you have (or love) little kids.

See, share, and rate articles of particular interest to parents. Babblz is like Digg for moms and dads. You can submit stories from any online source–blogs, news sites, etc.–and let the community decide how interesting they are. Subject areas include Raising Kids, Work Life, and Funny Stuff.

Put a little extra change in your pocket with every online purchase. Cassie’s sitter Karen told me about Ebates, a shopping site that gives you up to 25% cash back every time you shop online. With 800-plus stores in the Ebates network–including Barnes &, Gap, Target, and Expedia–it’s not hard to rack up extra change quickly (if you shop online as much as I do!) Plus, you’ll get exclusive coupons, free shipping offers, and limited-time sales. Sign up here (it’s free) to get a $5 bonus when you make your first purchase.

Cara’s Friday Finds

What’s on this summer? I’m looking forward to these two TV shows. Vh1’s “Rock of Love” with Bret Michaels. The 80s/90s frontman of Poison is looking for love. And “The Coreys: Return of the Lost Boys.” Yep, that be Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, living together, and trying to get their lives back on track.

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds – April 20, 2007

  1. You girls always find the best stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am also a fan of the Dove samples and coupons. It’s nice to get little presents in the mail from time to time. Operation Kitten Calendar rulz! And I will definitely be watching the Return of the Lost Boys. It sounds like a terrific train wreck of a reality show, worthy of killing a few brain cells for.

  3. Justice Fergie says:

    No way!! I used to loove the Coreys 🙂

  4. Ah! My sister told me about that Will Farrell video, and I was just getting ready to google it. You ladies have got your finger on the pulse of what’s what.

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