Friday Finds – April 27, 2007

Cara’s Friday Finds

Revisiting The Baby-Sitter’s Club. Who didn’t love these books growing up? This woman is re-reading all the Baby-Sitter’s Club books and blogging about them. Her recaps are too funny!

100 Bullshit Jobs… And How to Get Them. On the way to work yesterday, I got a good laugh as the radio D.J.s talked about this book. It’s full of job titles that get paid a pretty penny for basically performing bullshit everyday. Some of those jobs include, an aromatherapist, a feng shui consultant, and a new media executive.

Tela’s Friday Finds

Buy a lot of Gerber Baby Products? Check out this offer for $10 in savings from Gerber.

I’ll take a Strawberry Daiquiri. Wait, make that two. Now that a study has decided they—and other fruity cocktails—count as health food. Make sure to check out the last line of the article for a little chuckle.

Forget scrambling to find freelance. I think I’ve found another way to supplement my income—by becoming a wet nurse. OK, not really, but dang, mang, $1,000 a week! I could use the dough, but I really don’t know how I feel about the whole cross-nursing thing. It’s an interesting topic for discussion, that’s for sure.

3 thoughts on “Friday Finds – April 27, 2007

  1. Ha! Now I have to free up some time so I can read those Babysitter Club recaps. They look hilarious.

    And a daiqueri is healthy? Bring it on!

  2. That’s the first time I’ve heard about the wet nurse. That’s crazy! I don’t know how I feel about it? I don’t think I would want someone else to breastfeed my baby.

  3. Justice Fergie says:

    Ok, I HAD to check out the Babysitter’s Club blog. LOVE IT.

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