Friday Finds – April 3, 2009

Susan’s Finds

I’m not the only one totally bummed that Battlestar Galactica is over. So is President Obama, according to this frakkin’ hilarious Onion article. The pres and I will both greatly miss those wacky Cylons, Adamas and the whole BSG crew.

It’s about time our kids start earning their keep, right? Put your kiddo to work by submitting their original artwork as your golden ticket in the Karen Neuburger Pajama Mama Giveaway. Grand prize is a trip for two to the Canyon Ranch Resort in Lennox, Mass! Ohhh, that would be so nize. Enter by April 27.

Cara’s Find

Procrastination is the productive thing to do. Next time your boss catches you on Facebook, Youtube, or even this blog you can bring up this little tidbit. A new study in Australia finds that workers who surf the ‘net for fun during work are actually more productive than those who don’t.

1 thought on “Friday Finds – April 3, 2009

  1. As a “boss” I’m all for taking a break to help get your brain ready to get your work done well. But I wish people would gather together more in person for an old-fashioned water cooler chat. Facebook, Twitter and all that don’t build a team as well (unless you’re twittering to the person across the hall of course).

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