Friday Finds, April 30

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Remember me? Yep, I’m still alive, but busier than h-e-double hockey sticks. I’m actually OFF tomorrow, so I have time to do some Friday Finds. I hope you enjoy them!

I have a new blog obsession that should be your new blog obsession, tooHyperbole and a Half. She’s ridiculously funny. I found her a few weeks ago, and she hasn’t been posting NEAR as much as I would like since the discovery, but luckily she has hilarious posts in her archives to keep me laughing. And honestly, who am I to talk about not posting enough? For realz.

Like wine? I try to be cool and pretend I do, but I don’t know enough about it. And I hate wasting money on bottles of wine that look good and taste like… not good. I’d like to learn more, but honestly, I’m just too exhausted at the end of each day to even pick up a wine glass, so what’s the point? OK enough of me whining, more about actual wine. If you like it, and you live in the ‘Nati, you should check out the wine tasting on Fountain Square Friday night. It should be a cool event. It’s sponsored by Cork ‘N Bottle, an awesome store in NKY that’s owned by an cool co-worker’s fam. So, if you can’t make the wine tasting on Fountain Square, check out Cork ‘N Bottle’s wine tastings–they have them all the time.

I’ve been wanting to take a “real” vacation forever (a post about it coming soon!), but it’s not REALLY in the budget right now. While doing my vacation research, I found JetSetter. I LOVE this site. I haven’t actually bought anything yet, but I love looking at the pictures of the hotels and seeing what amazing deals there are–even if I still can’t afford anything. Yet. I’m honestly thinking about planning a vacation around a hotel deal that pops up. Galapagos Cruise, anyone?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just discovered Hyperbole and a Half a couple of weeks ago, too – hilarious!!

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