Friday Finds – April 4, 2008

Susan’s Finds

It’s time to Shine. Yahoo just launched Shine, a new site with original content (blogs, articles, and community) for women.

Who needs a country club? Try a moms’ club instead. In London, moms can hang out at members-only clubs where they can have fun while their kids are taken care of. Maggie & Rose offers all kinds of cool activities for your children, as well as a quiet wifi cafe and family advisory service. Cupcake is a more like a mom spa that’s child-friendly. We need one of these places in the Nati!

Tela’s Finds

What’s a Friday Finds from Tela without a sweet YouTube video? More fun YouTube love for my WMAGs. Confused? Click here for more. My little brother told me this is a little old, but it still makes me giggle. Yeah, I’m a mom. I’m tragically unhip. I accept it!

Ads like these make me cringe a little (ok, a LOT), at the fact that I work in the advertising industry. Wow! I wish it was a joke.

Like music? Check out The Hype Machine. It’s a blog aggregator that allows you to discover all kinds of great music being discussed on all the coolest music blogs. New hits, old favorites, hip remixes–it’s all here.

Cara’s Finds

Sleep happily ever after. One of our first seminars at camp was lead by Dr. Jodi Mindell, author of Sleep Deprived No More from pregnancy to early motherhood. I’m fortunate to have a household of sleepers. However, it was interesting learning the average hours of sleep each of us, including my 3-year-old and 5-year-old should be getting. Check out this cool Sleep Profile tool on Enter your baby’s information, and you can see how your baby’s or toddler’s sleep patterns compare to the national average. Plus, get customize sleep advice on how you can get them to sleep better.

Vision tests for babies? We all were very moved by this speaker: Scott Jens, O.D and Chair of the InfantSEE program. InfantSEE is a public health program designed to ensure that eye and vision care becomes an integral part of your babies well-check ups. Many eye and vision disorders go undetected and are caught later in life when the damage is already done. InfantSEE member optometrists will provide a comprehensive infant eye assessment at NO COST to you. I plan to write more about this. But in the meantime, learn more about InfantSEE and find an InfantSEE doctor in your area by visiting their website.

More camp stories. Read more about my Camp Baby adventure on our review site. I’ll have much more to share once I get back home. Right now, I got to jet (literally).

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds – April 4, 2008

  1. toddlerglasses says:

    Thanks for the information about InfantSEE. My daughter was diagnosed with Strabismus at 13 months, and has been wearing glasses now for 4 months (she’s 18 months). I think we caught it as soon as it could have been caught, but as I’ve done more research, it’s become clear to me just how important it is to catch and treat vision problems early on so your child’s brain can develop with correct visual input. It’s awesome that they’ll provide free vision assessments! I’ll definitely add the link to InfantSEE to my blog about young kids and glasses.

  2. Jenny, the Bloggess says:

    “Sleep deprived no more”

    I totally could have use that…

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