Friday Finds – August 24, 2007

Susan’s Friday Finds

It’s the new speed-dating for moms: MommyMixer. Instead of enduring short but awkward conversations with assorted single guys, you’re mingling with prospective babysitters and nannies. Pay $100 for your first mixer, and $75 per event after that. If you live in one of the 20 cities where MommyMixer operates, this might be a cool way to find extra childcare. What I want to know is, when’s MommyMixer coming to the Nati? (My friend Michelle gets the credit for this Friday Find.)

If you love Sting, try his son. I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a new song, “Two Sisters,” that I thought for sure was sung by Sting—or maybe the reunited Police. Yet it had a slightly more modern, youthful twist. Turns out, it’s Sting’s son, Joe Sumner. He’s the lead singer for a new band called Fiction Plane, which released an album in May, Left Side of the Brain. He’s also my age, 30, and hot! It’s like a newer, younger Sting with fresh musical offerings.

Cara’s Friday Finds

If kids ruled the world. Have you seen the previews for the new reality show called “Kid Nation?” It takes 40 kids, ages 8 to 15, and puts them in some old western town where they have to figure out how to live together. No adults allowed. My first reaction was, “D-U-M-B!” But as soon as I saw some of those little buggers crying, I was like, “Aww…” So I think I’ll tune in—even though the show’s producers are under some legal heat. It premieres September 19 on CBS.

Yeah, Joe’s! Stories like this make me want to drive the extra mile to shop at Trader Joe’s. How cool!

Magically low prices. Magic Kids USA claims to offer kids’ clothes 50% below retail. Browsing around the website, you can find brand names, like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. Check out this Cincinnati Bengals outfit and other NFL Reebok kids apparel starting as low as $4.49. Seems too good to be true. I wonder if they stick it to you with the shipping costs?

7 thoughts on “Friday Finds – August 24, 2007

  1. OK. So much to talk about on the Friday Finds.

    First of all–I’ve heard that Fiction Plane song for weeks. But I thought it was Sting, too, but I hadn’t heard of Sting putting out any new material. I never remembered to ever look it up. Thanks for doing my legwork, Sue.

    Kid’s Nation–for weeks I’ve been asking people if they saw the previews for this. All I can say–is W.T.F.? It seems super explotative. I don’t know about the parents who let their kids be on the show.

    Trader Joe’s Meltos–How freaking CUTE is that? Makes me love Trader Joe’s even more!

  2. Hi Cara – what a coincidence that even my posting for the day is about Kid Nation. I have mixed feelings about the show, but like you, I am surely going to tune in.

  3. oh yes! and my blog URL is
    I’m reviewing tv shows, films, children’s films, recipes for kids and just parenting notes. And I’m a working mom too. Would love to be a part of your circle.

  4. A few years ago England had a series similar to that KidNation. They took 14 -15 kids and put them in a house for the weekend. It was like Lord of the Flies all over again.

    Could you imagine? My boys would try to live off of popcicles and juice pouches.

  5. Hey roma! Everyone is welcomed to the WMAG circle. Yeah, not sure what to make of Kids Nation, either. But, I’ll tune in. I’m such a sucker. Plus, there has been like nothing on TV lately… well, except for quality programming like Rock of Love. 😉

  6. Absolutely Bananas says:

    Ok I seriously love the Mommy Mixer idea. Must find out if they operate in Seattle!

  7. It says Seattle is one of their cities, but no events are scheduled right now. Hope they get one for you soon!

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