Friday Finds – August 3, 2007

Susan’s Friday Finds

A moms blog for every city? Jill Asher may not have set out to create a mom-blog empire when she cofounded the popular Silicon Valley Moms Blog. But this savvy SV mom has since successfully replicated her collaborative mom blog idea in two other cities—New York City and Chicago—with more to come. Could Cincinnati be next? I happen to know a lot of cool Nati mamas who might be up to the challenge…

Sassy SAHMs rule. I love it when cool women become moms, decide to stay home, and promptly shatter all notions about June Cleaverly housewife-types. That’s why I so appreciate Sarah, of Sarah and the Goon Squad. Not only does she have a great blog name (and header/masthead graphic—with animation!), Sarah writes with brutal, often hilarious honesty about her daily life with twins. In person, she’s just as cool.

Was Tony the boss, or was it Angela? Well, in any case, BirdieRoark (or Robyn as she’s known IRL) is Who’s the Boss on her blog—and at home with her 2-year-old. This self-proclaimed feminist and working mom doesn’t hold back! She’s the kind of girl you want to be your friend. Even if she lives on the other side of the country.

By the way, I met all three of these cool moms at BlogHer. Look for lots more in future Friday Finds and other posts!

3 thoughts on “Friday Finds – August 3, 2007

  1. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah says:

    Wow. Thanks!

    It was really nice to wake up and read you saying a bucnh of really nice things about me.

    I can only hope the rest of my day goes this well. (But I doubt it. We’re about to go hardocre on the potty training.)

  2. Mrs. Chicky says:

    Sarah is the coolest. All kids should be so lucky as to have a mom like her.

  3. BirdieRoark says:

    Link lovies from my new BFF! I’m in heaven. At least until my rascal tries another coup on his dictator (that would be me).

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