Friday Finds – August 31, 2007

Cara’s Friday Finds

Coffee-table blog. How cool would it be to have your blog printed in a nice hardcover book? Pretty cool. helps you create bookstore-quality books with a free software that supports Blogger, TypePad,, and blogs. It will import blog text, images, and comments into a template that you can customize and edit. Book prices start at $12.95 for 40 pages. Not bad!


You got to see it to design it. Now that I’ve spent over five years trying to decorate our family room, this cool website comes around. lets you see what your room will look like with new paint colors, flooring, furniture, window treatments, accessories, and more. Soon, you’ll be able to upload your own picture, but now you have to choose from one of the room templates on the site. You can post your project on the community board to get others’ opinions. Or if you like one of the professional designers’ ideas, you can lift the look and place it in your room to experiment with.

Susan’s Friday Finds

What’s your Walk Score? Calculate how walkable a location (your house, office, etc.) is in relation to stores, parks, libraries, and other places. This is fun to do with where you live now, but would also be useful if you’re in the market for a new home.

Vote now on your favorite ketchup commercial. We Americans sure love to vote, don’t we? Especially on things that don’t, you know, really matter. So watch the 15 finalists’ TV commercials in the Heinz Top This TV Challenge and pick your top choice. My personal fave was “Heinz Sight,” featuring the dudes from a local biker bar.

Tela’s Finds
—It’s back-to-school time for kids everywhere. Who knows more about what kids need for back-to-school than moms? Check out Cool Mom Picks for their Back-To-School guide—and it also includes stuff for preschoolers and kids in daycare. These cool moms pick out cool things year-round from indie designers and mom-run companies, so don’t stop at the back-to-school stuff. They say they even get the budget thing. How cool!

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