Friday Finds — August 7, 2009

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–Coworker’s complaining on your nerves? Just experienced a major work letdown? Let everyone know how you feel by blaring Instant Fail from your desk/cube. Guaranteed to make everyone either grimace or smirk–and keep replaying it over and over and over. (Thanks to coworker Adrea for the find. This has replaced the infamous “Wah-wah” so many coworkers loved so much–looking at you JB.)

I’ve written about my love for Findlay Market before, but I do love that place. (And I’ve found the key to a peaceful visit for me and my son–letting him swing and play on the slide before navigating the crowds.) Just last week I stumbled upon a local dairy farm’s booth (can’t remember the name and threw away the wrapper with its moniker) in the famer’s area that had the most.amazing.cheese.ever. If you love Findlay as much as I do, vote for it in the “Love Your Farmer’s Market” contest at Care2–Findlay Market could win $5,000.

Saddened by John Hughes’ passing? I sort of am, too, even though I wasn’t into his movies near as much as some of my peers. But what made me even a little more sad was reading about this blogger’s pen pal correspondence with the famous writer/director/producer. He seemed like a pretty decent person.

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds — August 7, 2009

  1. I was thinking of linking that blog entry as a find. Wow – it's amazing.

  2. Just linked to your website through other working mom's websites. I love the name! I am a working mom of two little ones and I hate, HATE the fact that someone else is raising my girls during the day. It's nice to have a blogging community to "connect" and resource with other working moms. It's quite the network! I'll check back for some other tips and reassurances. Thanks!

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