Friday Finds – August 8, 2008

Cara’s Finds

Go Olympic Moms! The Summer Olympics kickoff tonight in Beijing. And did you know 20 members of the US team are moms? One of them is Melanie Roach (a mom of 3!) who will be competing in women’s weightlifting. Moms are the champions of the worrrld!

Got a creative way to save on back-to-school? Enter your story at Contest submissions will be shared on the site throughout the back-to-school season. On August 25, the top 3 finalist will be chosen to win $600 in Wal-Mart/Sam’s gift cards. Then America votes on the grand prize winner to receive an additional $600 in gift cards.

Stuff & Save. One of the ways I’m saving on back-to-school clothes is through Old Navy’s Stuff & Save Event. Get an extra 20% off your entire purchase when you use your Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic card. Use promo code STUFFSAVE when you shop online.

Susan’s Finds
Ever wondered about how gross it really is to swim in random lakes or rivers? My old college buddy Mike Gruss did. So he made a video about it for the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, where he’s a blogger/columnist. Not only is the video hilarious, it’s also somewhat educational. That’s how he rolls. (Warning: Try not to let his crazy hair distract you from the actual content.)

Time to ‘fess up about your body. If you have something funky, weird, annoying, embarrassing, or even fabulous about your body, tell the world (anonymously) at the new True Body Confessions (sister site to True Mom Confessions, True Office Confessions, etc.)

Log on to for a brand-new experience. The site has been collecting dust for several years now, but finally Sesame Street has leaped ahead online with a redesign and very cool new features. Aside from the much more user-friendly interface and new content, I really love the PlaySafe features that allow preschoolers to explore and interact without the ability to click away from the site or accidentally screw something up. I know my daughter is going to have a ball playing games and videos that feature her favorite Sesame Street characters.

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