Friday Finds – Dec. 4, 2009

Susan’s Finds

Cool iPhone app to keep kids entertained: Waiting in line sucks. Waiting in line with kids — a whole NEW kind of suck. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, here’s a new app that might help pass the time: StoryPlease! It’s their stories, your voice, anywhere, anytime.

Up for some Etsy window shopping? CharmingPeople is a cute shop you might want to peruse for holiday gifts. WMAG and freelance writer Kim Fernandez makes personalized jewelry for moms and dads and grandmas. I like this one (see pic) for a special teacher in your kiddo’s life!

Want to skip the stamps on holiday cards this year? Check out Animoto, which lets you quickly and easily create professional-quality video holiday greetings from your own photos, video clips, music and text. There are free and pay options.

Moms and Pops, back in the day: Check out this Tumblr site full of people’s favorite parental photos from the good ol’ days. My Parents Were Awesome shows that even the dorkiest, lamest moms and dads looked awesome at one point in their youth, whether they sported bellbottoms and mutton chops or zoot suits and beehives.

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