Friday Finds – December 14, 2007

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Susan’s Finds
Easy holiday e-cards for your fellow WMAGs. Send this funny animated e-card from Mommy Track’d to all your working-mom friends. Only they will truly appreciate it–plus, no hand-addressing or postage required.

Free iTunes videos for your kiddos. You may have purchased movies or TV shows on iTunes, but did you know you can also download free children’s shows? In the iTunes Store, click on Podcasts, then Kids & Family. You can subscribe to a Sesame Street podcast with five-minute clips of the “What’s the Word on the Street?” literacy segments. Plus, get tons of short clips and exclusives from your child’s favorite Nickelodeon shows.

Holiday crafts and activities for the whole family. has a ton of fun stuff to do with your kids this holiday season, from easy-to-make gifts to printable coloring pages. Moms with younger kids might prefer the ideas from Wondertime, such as treats your little one can help make and favorite holiday traditions.

Help more parents read to their kids. Did you know that nearly half of all American parents admit to reading less often to their children than their parents did? That’s why KN Karen Neuburger has partnered with First Book, a non-profit dedicated to providing new books to children in need. Partial proceeds for every pair of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” pajamas sold will donated to First Book. And for those WMAGs in the Seattle area, check out the special event at the Bellevue Square Nordstrom, 4 p.m. today!


Cara Reeves is a co-founder emerita of Working Moms Against Guilt. While she doesn't contribute to WMAG currently, she'll always be our girl. She now works as a freelance copywriter with 10 years of advertising experience. Cara specializes in developing creative concepts and writing killer copy for the web, social media campaigns, print, video, broadcast, as well as articles too. Visit her website for more information:


  1. Many thanks for posting the kids craft ideas link! In my family we’re always making crafts together and keeping their imaginations active. These days I can’t stop the outpouring of Christmas drawings. They’ve actually been really busy with a site called Kabillion’s Little Director.

    It’s a kid-friendly online sketchbook you can find at All the tools are there for my boys to draw whatever’s in their imagination. The pictures can even be taken a step further and turned into complete animations, with music, voiceovers and everything!

    You can even buy your child’s masterpiece on DVD. My boys’ latest cartoon will make a great Christmas gift for my parents. They’ll love it! I only know about this because I work with Kabillion, but I’m so happy to share this with my children!

    Happy holidays!

  2. Ok. I love the idea that they are helping to provide books for children with every pair of jammies you purchase but I went to the Web site and it seems to me that the jammies are a little over priced- IMHO. I don’t think I would spend $40 on pajamas for my son, let alone $72 for a pair for myself. It seems it would be better to buy the books and donate them directly.

    I don’t know… maybe I am cheap.

  3. Great links! Those jammies are a bit pricey!

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