Friday Finds – February 1, 2008

Tela’s Finds–Pretzels and politics, people.

Free pretzels! Head to your local Auntie Anne’s tomorrow from 10-4 for free original and cinnamon pretzels. Fun for the whole fam! (As long as you are an allergy-free family or can be sure the pretzels aren’t cross-contiminated with any allergens, of course.) Thanks to Steph for cluing me in.

Not sure which candidate aligns most with your thoughts and beliefs? Check out VAJoe’ Candidate Calculator. You decide which issues mean most to you and to which degree, and they’ll select a candidate that has similar views and beliefs. More than anything, this tool made me realize I gotta brush up on important political issues. I wasn’t even sure what some of them were! Luckily VA Joe gives you a quick breakdown. Thanks again to Steph and her husband, Chris, for enlightening me.

Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clinton? Clinton? This little video is an equal mixture of disturbing, funny, and just plain weird. But the message is clear. And the “song” is definitely a mind-sticker. You’ll be singing it the rest of the day. Thanks to Jason for this one, because I’m obviously not about finding my own Friday Finds this week.

Cara’s Finds

Ladies in red. Are you wearing red today? It’s National Wear Red Day to help raise awareness about heart disease–the #1 killer of women (and men). Walk into Macy’s with your red outfit, and you’ll save an extra 15% on all purchases. Or if you’re not wearing red, stop by the accessories department and donate $2 to the American Heart Association and you’ll get a Red Dress pin and a savings pass.

GoodyBlog turns 1. The GoodyBlog is having a Birthday Weekly Giveaway. Each week they’re giving away a new prize! To start, the giveaway is a new digital camera and scrapbooking supplies. Unlike some other blog giveaways, you can probably bet these prizes aren’t re-gifted or re-giveaways. Re-gifting over the blogosphere? I was surprised it happens. (No hard feelings, re-giveawayers. I’m just poking a little fun.)

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds – February 1, 2008

  1. You say regifting, I say “sharing the love” 🙂

  2. Mommy Bits says:

    Ok. I can’t stop playing that Clinton/Bush video. Too Funny. Perfect for a Friday.

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