Friday Finds – February 27, 2009

Cara’s Finds

When you gotta go, you gotta go. I’m not sure if this product is completely ridiculous or genius? The GoGirl female urination device acts as a funnel so us ladies can pee while standing up. No more squatting in the forest on camping trips, or balancing yourself over disgusting toilet seats at concerts and stadiums. At only $4.99 maybe it isn’t so ridiculous–and would make a funny gift for some of your crazier girlfriends!

Keeping it simple. If you love Real Simple magazine, then you’ll love the new Visit the redesigned website for simple solutions for your busy life, including new interactive tools, daily tips, “How-To” videos, and more than 100 worksheets and checklists.

Cook like it’s 1929. If you’re trying to cook from scratch more, maybe you can learn a thing or two from Clara, a 91-year old great-grandmother. Her “Great Depression Cooking with Clara show has become a YouTube sensation. Clara shares some of the inexpensive, but delicious recipes her mother cooked during the Depression, while recounting stories from that era.


Susan’s Finds



A new working mom blog worth checking out: The Mama Bee. Mama Bee is the mom of a 2-year-old and chose to continue working after Baby Bee came along. In her blog, she shares tips, support, news and commentary for mothers working in corporate environments. She sounds real smart, too, so I could probably learn a few things from her.


Do you believe in equal marriage rights? I sure do. That’s why this “Fidelity” video from the Courage Campaign got me all teary-eyed and mushy (pregnant hormones only making it worse, of course). Watch the video, blow your nose and sign a letter to the California Supreme Court urging them to invalidate Prop 8 and let loving, committed couples marry. Deadline: March 2!


Tax season just makes me feel bad about being disorganized. Maybe this online service could help (at least, next year). Pixily is an interactive document management service for consumers and small businesses. Here’s how it works: Send your paper documents to Pixily via email, scanner or the company’s “scanvelopes,” which are water-and tamper-resistant, pre-paid postage envelopes. Pixily scans, categorizes and uploads the documents to your web account, where they can be securely accessed by authorized users from any location. Then you can easily organize documents with labeling tools, quickly find information with keyword searches and securely share documents with others.



Sounds pretty good to me! From now until April 15, if you sign up for the Pixily plan with the mail in-option, you can send in an 50 additional sheets per envelope.



Raise your hand if you think you’re a great mom. I know I’m not the first with my hand up. But that’s why I loved this Redbook article (as seen on WebMD) entitled “Why You’re a Great Mom, No Matter How You Mother.” It’s very reassuring and informative, and reminds me that I’m doing a pretty OK job — even if I’m far from perfect.

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