Friday Finds – February 8, 2008


Cara’s Finds

Whatever you want it to be, Sawyer. If you’re a Lost fan you know Sawyer has a habit of calling his fellow castaways by nicknames. From Freckles and Doc to Hoss and Zeke… that dude is full of ’em. So I was excited to find Sawyer’s Nickname Generator on Although, I’m disappointed with my dubbed nickname, “Picasso.” I was hoping for a”Sweet Cheeks” or a “Cutie Pie.” Oh, well. Check out this complete list of nicknames that Sawyer has called people on the show.

Do you know Jeannie? I resisted posting about these funny videos, since I’ve figured everyone had seen them by now. But if you haven’t, let me introduce you to Jeannie Tate–a busy soccer mom that hosts her talk show from a minivan. Some of her past guests include Bill Hader from SNL and Rob Riggle from The Daily Show. Check out The Jeannie Tate Show at

Tela’s Finds

Rap lyrics explained! With fun charts and graphs. It’s a little old, but hilarious nonetheless. And after I’ve seen the FreeRice site sent around in at least three all-employee emails, one as recent as a few days ago (and a good three months after I posted about it in Friday Finds), I realize that the word “old” on the interweb is pretty relative.

1 thought on “Friday Finds – February 8, 2008

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please excuse my ignorance! I thought this was a really cool hometown blog, and then I saw you in my Real Simple magazine! Wow–that’s awesome!! Keep up the good work, I love checking in with you ladies 🙂

    –Another ‘Nati Mommy

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