Friday Finds – January 16, 2009

Cara’s Find

Don’t ya just love when a plan comes together? So does Center’d. This handy website helps you coordinate events, recruit volunteers, assign tasks, and more. I immediately emailed the school event planning section to my son’s Room Mom. No more mass emails or phone calls to find parents to help with classroom party essentials like food, games, and more. She can simply make a virtual sign-up sheet and send it out so everybody knows what she needs. Pretty cool.

Tela’s Finds

Say it with a song. Literally. This fun site allows you to send messages set to song. Have at it! (Thanks to my girl Jendi for this find.)

‘Tis the Season for Sickness, remember? O seems to have a perpetually runny nose this time of the year. I used to run behind him with a tissue, trying to catch him and wipe his nose. He’d howl, squirm, and thrash–I’d be lucky to get one good swipe in to clean some of the mess.

Now I run behind him with a Boogie Wipe, and it seems to have made all the difference. I don’t know WHY O likes these “Gentle Saline Wipes for Little Noses” more than the regular Puffs Plus, but he does. I ask if he wants a Boogie Wipe, and he sits there and lets me wipe his nose–he even blows into it!

It’s even good for when I can’t get to him in time and he wipes the snot all across his face with his arm. Or when I find dried snot behind his ear. (HUSH–you know it’s happened to you!)

(A fellow daycare mom first clued me into Boogie Wipes, but she didn’t say where to find them. I searched high and low for them in the tissue aisle to no avail. Don’t be frustrated like I was: I ended up locating them in the baby aisle, but their site says they can also be found in the cold and flu aisle.)

Susan’s Find

Yes, we can watch the Inauguration live on Tuesday. Just because you’ll be at work during this historic event doesn’t mean you can only experience it in reruns later. The actual ceremony begins at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 20, so pack a lunch, get comfy at your desk and visit one of the sites mentioned here to see it live. I plan to have an extra box of tissues on hand, too.

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds – January 16, 2009

  1. Thanks for the info. I plan to tune in between patients in our clinic.
    My conservative fundy co-workers will love to catch a glimpse of their favorite candidate swearing in! Hee!

  2. shannanb aka mommy bits says:

    Those Boogie Wipes are great. I received a pack at a BlogHer last year. I really like them because they don’t “scratch” when you wipe. My youngest will actually let me use them on him. The packages ar resealable so you can keep them in the car, your purse, etc.

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