Friday Finds – January 25, 2008

Sara’s Finds

— I don’t often have time to watch TV, but when I find a show I love, I get hooked. These days, my favorite show is Gossip Girl. Based on a popular series of young adult novels, it’s a real guilty pleasure. Gossip Girl follows the shenanigans of several super-rich kids on Manhattan’s Upper East Side through the eyes of an anonymous blogger called… you guessed it. Gossip Girl originally aired on Wednesdays with a shortened season due to the writer’s strike. Now it appears that the CW is going to start replaying episodes on Mondays. This Monday, the 28th, they’re doing some sort of recap special. So tune in – if for nothing else than to appreciate the performance of Leighton Meester (pictured right) as Queen B-yotch Blair Waldorf. Girl is fierce!

Tela’s Finds


–Check out your blog’s “readability”–or the level of schooling someone needs to understand your blog. Simply plug in your blog’s address and voila! Working Moms Against Guilt scores at the “High School” level. Is that good or bad? I’m not sure…


Has anyone tried Orville Redenbacher’s Tender White popcorn? If not, you should. Because, MANG, this stuff is GOOD. My co-worker MK turned me on to this awesomely awesome popcorn–now it’s an office fave. Or at least a “this part of cube-land” fave. I don’t know what makes it tastes so damn delicious. Maybe it’s the white corn? Heh.

After spotted in the work freezer, the new Lean Cuisine Flatbreads caused quite a stir among a few co-workers. They looked so good! Who brought it in? We never see them in the stores! Where could you purchase these exclusive frozen meals? My co-worker Steph has located them on the Lean Cuisine website–but they are still to be located in stores. I guess if we knew the person who brought it in, we could ask them, but alas, we don’t know who it was. Has any Cinci-area mommies seen ’em in stores?

Susan’s Finds

iParent, therefore iAm tired. But never too tired for new articles about how to be a better parent! If you’re thirsting for knowledge about motherhood, check out You’ll find articles and tips covering every stage from preconception to teen years, plus recipes, news, and message boards. These are also the folks who publish print magazines such as Family Energy: Your Guide to Raising Healthy Kids, Pregnancy, Baby Years, and Women’s Health & Fitness.

Krazy ‘bout Kashi. Anyone who knows me hears enough already(!) about Kashi. Still, I feel compelled to tell you about the new-and-improved website from the maker of tasty, healthy cereals, snacks, entrees, and pizzas. is so much more than just a product site. You can set and share goals with other like-minded Kashians, discuss healthy living, and get free stuff (lots!) and recipes.

Robeez now makes outside shoes. I have been a huge Robeez fan since Cassie was born. But as she grew into a toddler, I lamented the fact that they had no “big kid” shoes for walking outdoors. Happily, Robeez finally got wind of my concerns and conveniently is launching its new Tredz line in a couple of weeks. They look super-cute and comfy, but also have the outdoor soles. Enter for a chance to win a pair at the Robeez site by Feb. 4.

Cara’s Finds

Work as a team to lose weight. If you think a little competition–and weekly weigh-ins–will motivate you to lose some weight check out I read about it in Parent’s magazine. Form a team and take the 100-day challenge to lose weight or be more active. Each week you track your weight-loss or minutes of activity and see how your team ranks against others in the country. It cost $15 per entrant, which gives you an online journal and messaging center to communicate to your teammates and share your progress, tips and recipes, and chances to win prizes and incentives. And by signing up you receive a T-shirt and a one-year subscription to a magazine of your choice, including Fitness, Men’s Journal, Ladies Home Journal, and more.


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  1. Can I tell you how bummed I am that Robeez didn’t do this when we still had toddler feet to fit? My son lived in Robeez from the moment he could pull himself up. I buy a pair for every mother-to-be I know. So glad that they are making Tredz now!

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