Friday Finds – January 30, 2009

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Cara’s Finds

Early riser? Luckily, we’ve never had problems with our children getting up at all hours of the night. However, I know many parents are still struggling with getting their little ones to stay in bed. If that’s your case, check out this innovative night light I found via the GoodyBlog. The Good Nite Lite is a nightlight and timer in one. Set the timer for morning time and the moon transforms into a sun, letting your child know it’s okay to get out of bed. Genius!

Are you ready for some football? Hosting a Super Bowl party or attending one? Don’t forget the snacks! Check out Kraft foods, Allrecipes, Food Network, and Martha for some great ideas. Make things a little more interesting with a party game, like the 10×10 betting grid.

Susan’s Finds
Our local blogging group’s all grown up. Check out this feature article in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer about the Cincinnati Women Bloggers. Just think, it was but a twinkle in our eyes last summer. Now it’s getting press coverage! Bet we have a good turnout at tomorrow’s monthly meeting.

Raising little bookworms? I’m trying to. That’s why I like this new blog, The Almost Librarian, written by a SAHM who’s training to become a children’s librarian. She writes about great children’s books, quality websites and other resources to promote early literacy for children. A good one to bookmark!

If you’ve ever thought about opening your own daycare operation, DIY Daycare might be a good resource for you. You’ll find lots of information to begin and maintain a daycare from folks who have done it themselves, as well as personal stories and experiences from other in-home daycare providers. In this economy, I have a feeling more moms will be considering this option!


Cara Reeves is a co-founder emerita of Working Moms Against Guilt. While she doesn't contribute to WMAG currently, she'll always be our girl. She now works as a freelance copywriter with 10 years of advertising experience. Cara specializes in developing creative concepts and writing killer copy for the web, social media campaigns, print, video, broadcast, as well as articles too. Visit her website for more information:


  1. Thanks for the link to the Almost Librarian site. SM is a total bookworm and I love that there’s a resource for ideas.

  2. Cara, The night light thing is cute, but it seems a little like you’re trying too hard. Wouldn’t it be more effective long term to teach kids to read a digital clock? My kids knew from about age 3 (maybe younger, I don’t really remember) that they couldn’t get up until the clock said 7 “in the first number.”

  3. Thanks for the tip, Karla. I don’t have problems with my kids getting out of bed. I just thought the night light was a cute and clever idea.

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