Friday Finds – January 9, 2008

Cara’s Finds

Get an Action Plan for 2009. Whether or not you like Suze Orman’s fashion sense, a little money advice never hurt. Download Suze Orman’s new book for FREE on Suze tells you what you need to know to keep your money safe and sound in 2009. This offer expires Thursday, January 15. You can also register for the free Webcast for Thursday night, where you have the chance to ask Suze any of your financial questions.

Drop 10 Facebook friends. Get a free Whopper. Now here’s an excuse to get rid of some of those Facebook friends you’re not really friends with. Tell them you love the Whopper more. Check out Burger King’s Sacrifice 10 friends on Facebook and Burger King will send you a coupon for a free Whopper. So far over 53,000 friends have been sacrificed.

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