Friday Finds – July 13, 2007

Cara’s Friday Finds

Did you know Scott Baio has a new reality TV series? Neither did I. It premieres Sunday on Vh1.
Ah, Reege. If I’m home on a weekday morning I always tune into Live with Regis and Kelly. My favorite part of the show is the first :15 minutes when Regis and Kelly chat it up. Well, now I never have to miss it because they’re posting the daily “host chats” online.

Ann-0ther Sale. You’ll have to thank my friend Jodi for this sale alert: Check out the reduced prices at Ann Taylor Loft. They’ll take another 40% off the sale price at checkout.

Susan’s Friday Finds

For the hipster baby set. Via Maya’s Mom, I saw this post from Mamanista about Sandbox Threads—an adorable store full of ironic, funny, and just plain cool tees and onesies for babies and toddlers. You can emblazon Jon Stewart, Wonder Woman, or even catchy slogans like “My Mama’s for Obama” on your lil’ cutie. Extra bonus: This is a small business started by a stay-at-home dad! I love it. Shown here is the logo I want to put on a shirt for Cassie. She could totally be a Princess and a President, but that’s for her to figure out later.

New TV shows on USA. We’re smack in the middle of hiatus season on the major networks, so if you’re jonesin’ for some new TV like I am, check out USA this weekend. New seasons of Monk and Psych start tonight at 9. Both are very funny, so if you haven’t seen them, I highly recommend checking them out.

Then on Sunday, you can watch the season premieres of The 4400 and The Dead Zone starting at 9. Neither was as good last season as in previous seasons, but there’s always a chance they’ve improved with age. And Anthony Michael Hall is way cuter than in his Breakfast Club Days. As an aside, Monk fans also may enjoy this Modern Mom interview with Traylor Howard, who plays Natalie, Monk’s personal assistant.

Coming soon, a wee little laptop with a wee little price tag. Now that my hubby’s all into computers for his job, I get to find out about the “next big thing” in techy stuff. Working moms on the go will be very interested in the August launch of this new Asus EEE PC 701 notebook. This tiny laptop can do all the basics most people would need for work, and it only will cost $250! Now just about anyone can afford a laptop, even if your employer won’t buy one for you.

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds – July 13, 2007

  1. Anonymous says:

    That little Eee PC notebook looks hot! I think I’ll have to buy one for a Christmas present for myself.

  2. Justice Fergie says:

    great finds! and i love that you tagged this post with “Scott Baio” – just in case you start posting about him on a regular basis 🙂

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