Friday Finds – July 25, 2008

Cara’s Finds

WMAGs are passionate about ice cream. Just take a look at the comments over on the Ice Cream Social Giveaway! But, thanks to Carrie who mentioned Graeters, a Cincinnati favorite, is giving away free ice cream until the end of the month. Just print the coloring page and turn it in for a free scoop. Any age can enter the coloring contest, so don’t feel silly getting your crayons out. Free ice cream is a serious matter!

More Michael Ian Black. Susan brought up his book awhile back. I just discovered his new show. Michael Ian Black hosts Reality Bites Back on Comedy Central. Comedians compete in a series of reality parodies, including American Gladiator, Biggest Loser, and more . Last night they parodied Rock of Love. It was hilarious! Watch it Thursday at 10:30pm/9:30c.

Coupon know-how and more money saving tips. Looking to save at the store? Who isn’t!?! Check out Little Miss Know It All, a local blogger who really knows how to work the coupon system and save you big bucks. Seriously. This lady makes out like a bandit. (Thanks, Carrie! She found this “find,” too!)

Susan’s Finds

— Old-school Cabbage Patch Kids are back! This September, the Kids will be celebrating their 25th “birthday” with a limited edition series of 1983-style dolls. According to the PR dude, these $30 keepsakes will include “Xavier Roberts signature, a ‘silver anniversary’ baby spoon, commemorative silver-stamped 25th Anniversary Birth Certificates and Adoption Papers.”

My mom still has my old CPK doll AND preemie (what a weird phenomenon), which my daughter sort of plays with. They’re all grody though, so maybe I need to get the new keepsakes.

Who couldn’t use a new wardrobe? With 48.5 pounds gone and 39.5 to go, I sure need some new threads. That’s why I’m entering the How to Look Good Naked Sweepstakes–prize is $5,000 for a shopping spree. Now if only Carson Kressley could be my personal shopper …

BabyCenter gives birth to a whole new community. If you are/were a fan of Maya’s Mom, you’ll notice this new community looks very similar. That’s no accident. BC bought the site out last year, and now they’re incorporating the Maya’s Mom functionality into the content-richness of BabyCenter.

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds – July 25, 2008

  1. We still have an original Cabbage Patch. His name is Paul Henry and he’s bald with red overalls. He was originally my sister’s, but someone we got him.

    I think I wrote about the Cabbage Patch Land one time? On Friday Finds?

  2. Great one as usual! Really awesome finds!!

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