Friday Finds – July 27, 2007

Susan’s Friday Finds

Need a nanny? A babysitter? Someone to watch the dog? Find a caregiver in your area at Searching and viewing profiles are part of a free “basic” subscription. To contact the providers and get background checks on them, you’ll have to pony up some cash: $25 for one month, $45 for three months, or $120 for 12 months. Of course, there’s always Craig’s List

Kids say the darndest things. The new Pear Soup website collects and publishes cute/funny real-kid quotes captured by their parents. Here’s a good one: “Dad, did you have any friends of your own before you married Mom? You did? Well, are they all dead?”–Logan, age 4. These Pear Soup folks oughta team up with Maya’s Mom for their terrific Kidisms feature (check out the widget on this page to see some).

You, too, can be on ABC News. They want moms like you to ask questions you want answered by the 2008 presidential candidates. Post your video to the ABC website, and your question could be asked of the candidates during next month’s Iowa debates. Here’s how you do it: Record a 15-45 second clip and email it to or
upload it to the ABC News website. It’s that easy!

Tela’s Friday Finds

If you like shopping as much as me, you might really love Kaboodle. It’s sort of like, but all about shopping. You can peruse other people’s lists, create bookmarks, discover new stores–trust me, it’s cool. Even the Wall Street Journal thinks so.

This site isn’t new, but I realized I haven’t shared it, and you might not know about it. It’s I use it for the reviews–find out which makeup is worth the cashola, and which products are not. But they also have message board, and a lot of people swap barely used makeup product (I haven’t ever done that–I’m too scared contracting some horrible eye or lip disease.)


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