Friday Finds – June 15, 2007

Cara’s Friday Finds

I’ve got the power. I could never figure out how to get our stove top completely clean. We have a gas stove. So when food splatters or something boils over it gets burnt-on underneath the grates, and is almost impossible to clean up. It drove me crazy. Then I caught a disgusting episode of “How Clean is Your House?” One of the hosts used Dawn Power Dissolver on the home owner’s nasty stove top and voila all the burnt-on crud and grease came right off! So I tried it and it worked for me, too. By the way, I recommend tuning into “How Clean is Your House?” on the Lifetime Channel—when you see how gross these homes are, you’ll feel better about the state of yours.

Control the moron population. If this rumor turns out to be true, then I believe the SPCA should have the right to capture and neuter K-Fed.

Takin’ off. All I can think about is our vacation to Longboat Key, Florida. We leave today! So, that’s all from me. See ya!

Susan’s Friday Finds

I’m allergic to stupid people. What is your kid allergic to? So far, Cassie’s escaped food allergies (that we know of). But I know a lot of parents have to worry about nuts, milk, mold, and God knows what else. If that’s you, check out AllergyKids, the first independently funded food allergy organization in the United States. Their website has resources, products, news, and even a blog for parents of children with food allergies.

First comes The Knot, then comes The Bump. Anyone who’s gotten married in the last few years has heard of—and probably used— to plan their wedding. The same people have just launched for that next phase of life: parenthood. You’ll find info for pre-conception through baby’s first few months, plus experts, tools, message boards, blogs, community, and of course, baby stuff.

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