Friday Finds – June 19, 2009

Susan’s Finds

Is the same-old same-old getting a little, well, old with the kiddos? My friend/Cassie’s sitter Karen directed me to this awesome site/blog/downloadable Book of Days from Blue Yonder Ranch, chock-full of new activities and ideas to try with children. They’re educational, creative and fun, all at the same time. A lot of them seem more relevant to school-age kids, but many ideas could be adapted to fit your preschooler’s/toddler’s needs.

If you’re at all into the green movement, you’ve probably heard of Ideal Bite, a daily e-newsletter with tips about how to buy and live “greener.” Now they have a newsletter especially with moms in mind, called Mama Bite. I’ve been getting it for a few days now and it’s got some good stuff. If you sign up by the end of June, you’ll also be entered to win a family vacation for four to Walt Disney World® Resort. Suh-weeet! I know we could use a free vaca this summer.

Breastfeeding while working is hard. I didn’t do it myself, but I know lots of moms who have. At least your work clothes could make it a little easier on you, right? Enter HadleyStillwell, a new line of well-tailored clothing just for nursing/pumping women. About time, eh? The collection includes a signature dress, jacket, sleeveless crossover shirt and long-sleeved crossover shirt. Cute stuff!

Another fun freebie activity for your kids this summer: Cartoon Network’s Get Animated Tour. Now in its fifth year, this 40-city tour is designed to motivate, energize and educate kids ages 6-14 about healthy living choices by using the power of Cartoon Network’s shows, characters and brands.

The tour will run all summer and feature interactive areas designed around select Cartoon Network series as well as activity areas for kids, including: the Crayola “Everything Imaginable” tent featuring three different Crayola activity stations; an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) area where kids will toss over-sized “nutrition label” dice and compare the two face-up labels for a prize, while learning to understand the nutrition facts label on food packaging more effectively; and a Subway section where kids will have the opportunity to compete on stationary bikes with a video game to beat a countdown clock.

Cincy folks: The tour’s coming to the Nati July 25 at Coney Island.

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