Friday Finds – June 29, 2007

Cara’s Friday Finds

Be the best giver of the bunch. This has to be the cutest new baby gift EVER. Check out The Baby Bunch. They’re babies clothes rolled up to look like a bunch of flowers.

Red Envelope Sale. Jewelry, clothing, baby items, and more… Red Envelope’s sale section has a good selection. I love this silver charm necklace.

Old Navy’s Summer Sale. Check out these great prices on clothes for you, baby girls, baby boys, and for him, too.

Visit the Patch. At a rest stop in Georgia, I saw a brochure for BabyLand Hospital, “the birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Kids.” The brochure looked so outdated, it made me laugh. I mean, who’s visited that place since 1985? Anyway, I checked out the website’s photo tour. I’m sorry, but seeing Cabbage Patch Preemies in incubators is just creepy. BTW, Cabbage Patch Kids turned 25 this month.

Susan’s Friday Finds

Every working mom needs an intern. But if you don’t have one, see if the Mentos Intern can help. Trevor is sitting around at the Mentos headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky, (just across the river from my office!) waiting to fulfill your requests. You can call or email him and he’ll do what you ask (as long as he doesn’t have to leave his office to do it, and it’s not dirty). Yesterday, he picked his nose at my request. Nice!

See how far you’re really running, walking, or biking. will let you plot your favorite jogging route on a Google map, plus see other people’s routes. You might also like the site’s workout logs, fitness calculators/tools, and user-led community groups. It seems like a great tool for any working mom who’s workin’ on her fitness.

6 thoughts on “Friday Finds – June 29, 2007

  1. Wow… Cabbage Patch Kids are 25?? Do you remember all the stories of people fighting in stores over those things. I was lucky enough to get one the year they came out. I feel old…..

  2. Working Mama says:

    I LOVE the baby bunch! I can’t believe Cabbage Patch Kids are 25. Boy do I feel old!

  3. Cara–I totally looked up the Baby Bunch earlier this week for a friend who’s about to deliver. Kinda pricey for me, so I declined, but SUPER cute.

    On the Cabbage Patch tip, my mom got me one of the super early versions, and it had a wooden-like head where the hair came out (the face was still like the normal cabbage patch dolls). It could be quite the weapon when fighting with my bro and sis.

  4. I was thinking if you were super-crafty-like, you could make your own Baby Bunch for cheap. Like get some stuff at TJ Maxx and some silk flower arrangements on sale from Michaels, and do it all up Baby Bunch-style.

  5. Wow Sue, you totally could! It wouldn’t be that hard at all.

  6. Hey, that is a good idea about making your own baby bunch!

    We still have an early edition Cabbage Patch doll. It used to be my sister’s, now my daughter plays with him. His name is Paul Henry–which was a pretty tame name compared to others that were named Henrietta, Claudia, Raefael, etc. … they always had some different name.

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