Friday Finds – June 5, 2009

Cara’s Finds

-Shred those bad Facebook photos. Have you been the victim of bad photo tagging on Facebook? Maybe an old prom photo? Or that picture from the holiday office party? You know the one. Shred it with Staples’ new Facebook application I Shred U! The app lets you send the bad photo back to the tagger as it gets shredded by a paper shredder. Too bad it doesn’t actually delete the photo, but at least it tells your friend how you feel about it.

I (heart) Conan. I’ve been watching a lot of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien on Still can’t stay up to watch, though he’s on at an earlier time slot. Anyway, Tuesday’s episode featured Conan and pal Andy Richter bringing back “In the year 2000” from way back in the Late Night days. This time, renamed as “In the year 3000.” My favorite prediction? “In the year 3000, You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge to form one super time-wasting website called, ‘You Twit Face.'” Comedy gold.

Susan’s Finds

Celebrate your BFF this weekend! My friend Debba (aka Girlfriendology) is hosting a cool event in honor of National Best Friends Day (June 8). If you’re in Cincinnati, grab your best friend and head out to Ault Park this Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. You’ll get a free portrait of you and your friend taken by a professional photographer. Get all the details here.

Don’t forget Father’s Day, June 21. What the heck do you get for dads? Moms seem so much easier to shop for. Well, if you’re stumped like I am, check out this Father’s Day Gift Guide from Someone Spoil Me. Get gift ideas for the corporate dad, the dad who has it all, the sports dad and more dad types.

FREE CHOCOLATE. Did you know Mars (the chocolate company) is giving away coupons for free chocolate every Friday? Just visit the Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act site on Fridays starting at 9 a.m. ET to register for a free coupon. It works, because we already got one at our house!

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