Friday Finds – June 6, 2008

Susan’s Finds

Help a talented singer-songwriter keep singing in the face of cancer. Cincinnati native Katie Reider is battling a cancerous tumor that’s blinded her in one eye and prevented her from singing. Her friends and fans are raising money to help her with this 500Kin365 website. I hope you’ll check it out and donate a few bucks. She’s the real deal.

Are you a woman who blogs in the Nati? Meet up with some fellow bloggers on June 21 at 10 a.m. at the Bean Haus in Covington. Get all the details from Mommy Bits and let her know you’re coming! (P.S. I was going to organize one of these thingies, but life got in the way and I didn’t do it. Glad Mommy Bits and Girlfriendology are making it happen!)

Cara’s Finds

Sing it, co-worker. How often do you break out in song with your cube buddy? Never? Well, it’s time random harmonizing at work paid off. Look out for Joey Fatone and Mel B., because they’re ambushing offices across America to recruit for the newest show, The Singing Office.

–Vote for the Last Band Standing. A very cool Cincinnati band needs your votes. Vote for Buckra in the Lollapalooza: Last Band Standing competition. The last band standing gets to join the Lollapalooza lineup in Chicago in August. It’s easy to vote (no long registration form). Go here to vote for Buckra.

LOST‘s been at YMCA camp the whole time! How funny is this? Many of the scenes from LOST are filmed at Hawaii’s YMCA Camp Erdman. The Y’s cabins were featured as “The Other’s” village in Season 3 and 4. And, they even used the Camp Director’s baby girl as Baby Aaron in five episodes. Go here to check it out. If I ever get to Hawaii, I’m definitely bringing my Y pass!

Do you have an IKEA kitchen? Maybe you can lend my friend, Maureen, some advice. They’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel and keep running into too many mishaps. Read about it on her blog, Taking the House by Storm.

And lastly… I checked out a sneak peek of the new New Kids on the Block video. And now, I’m embarrassed I did. Yikes.

Tela’s Finds

–Have you seen this Washington Lottery commercial? It’s very well done, and not definitely not your typical lottery commercial.

–Sunblock helps protect you from cancer, not give you cancer, right? Well, before you slather on the spf check out the Cosmetics Database for toxicity ratings of your favorite shampoos, bubble baths, sunscreens, foundations, and more. I changed O’s sunscreen and bubblebath because of this informative site.

Ever heard of dry drowning? Neither had I, until I read this story. Wow. Scary. Felt compelled to share…

7 thoughts on “Friday Finds – June 6, 2008

  1. OMG. NKOTB. That video is scary bad. What? Were they all getting texts that the band was getting back together? And the white suits. Woah to the O.

  2. abrightfuture says:

    Why did I feel compelled to watch that video.



    (And to think I dreamed of marrying one of those boys!)

  3. I just posted about dry drowning yesterday too. We went swimming this morning, and now both my boys are napping (one who is almost 5 and rarely naps anymore). I am so paranoid now! Nevermind that 3 hours of swimming in 100 degree heat could make him tired.

    Cosmetics Database is awesome!

  4. ilinap–re: Dry Drowning. Really, sheesh. If we didn’t have enough to worry about.

    And the signs? They are barely signs when you have a toddler–extreme tiredness and behavior changes? That was 1/2 hour ago with son.

  5. That dry drowning story freaks me out. Cassie always gulps water–in the bath and at the pool. Jesus. I can’t think about it too much.

  6. Someone just forwarded me a email about dry drowning. It is scary!

    And yes, NKOTB… scary, too. I think even the Backstreet Boys would have enough sense to think matching white suits does NOT equal successful comeback.

  7. just4ofus says:

    yeah, and Katie R’s family just lost their mom to cancer this past year.

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