Friday Finds – March 13, 2009

Cara’s Finds

Idiots! Sure, new technologies continue to make our lives more and more convenient. But, has it all just turned us into a bunch of spoiled idiots? This clip featuring comedian Louis C.K. on Conan O’Brien puts it all in perspective. Hilarious.

Tela’s Finds

Marigold Caps is a new site and business that was launched this week by working mom (of four kids!) Callie Currin. Callie made some cute hats for a friend who was undergoing chemo treatments for breast cancer, people started inquiring about them, and boom! Callie starts a side business. Check them out if you know someone who might be undergoing cancer treatments, or just likes cute hats! Callie gives a portion of the proceeds from each hat sold goes to cancer research.

Susan’s Finds

Raising girls is not for wusses. If you have a daughter in the challenging 8- to 15-year-old range, check out Created by the folks behind New Moon Girls (an awesome magazine!), the site features a fully-searchable collection of more than 250 expert articles, “Ask the Expert” and “Parent to Parent,” and blogs from Parenting Girls Experts Nancy Gruver and Joe Kelly.

Thinking about going back to school? Getting a degree the old-fashioned way (you know, quit your job, sit in class all day, study at night) may not “jive” with your lifestyle or budget right now. But with some help from Project Working Mom … and Dads Too!, you could do the online learning thing and give your education (and career) a boost. They want to help hard-working moms (and dads) who are interested in going back to school and pursuing a degree online. There’s even scholarship money to help parents and other goodies involved (last year winners also received new laptops). Deadline is April 30, so go get ’em, tigers!

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