Friday Finds – March 14, 2008

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My grandma always used to sing this weird little song around Easter: “Eastah time is the time for eggs, and the time for eggs is Eastah time.” That was it. Just thought I’d share.

Speaking of Eastah, check out these fun little Easter sites from Hersheys, Peeps, and Jelly Belly. Lots of cute recipes, crafts, savings, and basket ideas. And even though this Goo-ology site isn’t really an Easter site, it is devoted to my #1 all-time favorite Easter candy, the Cadbury Egg.

When it comes to babies (or myself, quite frankly), I am all about the lotion. When Cassie was a newborn, I massaged her with “smelly-good lotion” after every bath. (Still do, actually.) Now, she asks for “melly” after her bath, taking the bottle (without opening it) and pretending to rub the lotion on herself.

I guess that’s why I liked the new Touching Bond website from Johnson’s. You can learn about how rubbing that “melly” lotion on your baby helps you bond with her, and watch some sweet little animated shorts with the voice of Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order working mom). There’s even a Signs of Baby Bonding downloadable guide, just in case you’re not sure.

A new reality show about working moms birthin’ lots of babies. Have you seen Deliver Me on Discovery Health? This show premiered last week, and it’s on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. I liked the promos I saw online, but I haven’t had a chance to watch the actual show, which follows the lives of three women who are juggling families and careers as OB/GYNs. God bless ’em!

Need some savvy travel advice? Check in with the Travel Diva, who dishes her tips and tales on topics like travel etiquette in airports/airplanes, staying safe on the road, and various travel destinations.

Nati mamas, get pampered for a good cause. The YMCA of Cincinnati is in the midst of its annual Strong Kids campaign, so its hosting a “Ladies Night In” event on April 17 at 6:30 p.m. to raise funds. Tickets are $35, and include a spa treatment, drink ticket, prize ticket, and shopping for beauty goodies. I’m in!

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds – March 14, 2008

  1. Justice Fergie says:

    thanks for the finds!

  2. David Williams says:

    The sites are interesting and its great that you have found out all these on friday. The viewers will be happy to read and enjoy their weekend.

  3. I always wanted to sign up for Ladies Night at the Y! In the summer, our Y hosts Ladies Day at the Pool with free childcare. The ladies get the pool all to themselves, lunch is catered, and they have something like a fashion show and some booths for shopping. We should do it!

  4. It was good entertainment to the viewers at the weekend. Very amazing and good for sharing.

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