Friday Finds – March 2, 2007

Sara’s Finds

— Don’t let the Pigeon make you pee your pants. Have you met Pigeon? He’s the creation of animator and author Mo Willems, and we love him at my house. The Pigeon books are funny and interactive. In “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” kids get to turn the tables and tell somebody else “no!” for a change as they try to keep Pigeon from getting behind the wheel. Other titles include “The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!” (with a special guest appearance by the Duckling) and “The Pigeon Has Feelings, Too.” Check out the Pigeon today!
— Speaking of peeing your pants… I held off on this Friday Find, because I thought it was so old school. Surely everybody knows about Television Without Pity, right? Turns out, no. I asked around our agency and was shocked how many people had never visited this site, which provides scathingly funny commentary on popular TV shows, from “The Apprentice” to “Lost” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” I sometimes watch programs just so I can read the recaps the next day. (One of my favorite ‘cappers is the guy who does “American Idol.”) I always stop by the message boards, which are filled with smart, snarky folks who say exactly what I’ve been thinking but didn’t quite know how to put into words. Head on over to and see what they’re saying about your favorite show. Note – This morning when I went to the site, it appeared to be having techinical difficulties. I hope it hasn’t been taken down for some reason! Nooooooo!

Susan’s Finds

— In case you haven’t figured this out by now, I love food. Waaay too much. But I’m trying to be healthier, and Hungry Girl is going to be a big help. She’s a girl of my own heart: “I consider myself a foodologist…not because I have some kind of fancy degree, but because I am obsessed with food, how wonderful it is, and how much of it will make it impossible for me to fit into my pants. Food is my passion and it has been my lifelong obsession.” So now that she’s got her obsession (and weight) under control, she shares health-minded tips and tricks for hungry girls like her. A recent post points to some healthy snacks and treats for peanut butter lovers. Thank you, Hungry Girl!

— As a rule, Marmaduke is not a funny comic strip. It’s actually really terrible. But it becomes funny when Joe Mathlete Explains Today’s Marmaduke. I first thought this blog was indescribably weird and not the least bit humorous, but it quickly grew on me. Kind of like the short-lived Comedy Central show Stella. Each day, Joe Mathlete makes me LOTI (Laugh on the Inside) and sometimes even LOL.

Cara’s Finds

–Now with real pooping-power! Holy cow, I’d about shot coffee through my nose when I saw the commercial for the Barbie and Tanner doll. Tanner, the dog, eats and poops like a real dog. His food and poop are the same—little, brown pellets. Gross! Of course, there’s a video demo of the product on YouTube.

Go figure, Posh and Becks to get a reality show. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t reality show spell trouble for just about any celebrity couple? I doubt they need the money! Anyway, I won’t be watching this one.
–Organization with attitude. I love Knock Knock’s products of writing pads and checklists. Check out the 3-Way Pad for Work/Life/Home. It’s perfect for organizing a working mom’s to-do list. You can also find a “New Parent” Checklist for leaving the house and a “Don’t Kill the Kids” Checklist to leave with a babysitter.

14 thoughts on “Friday Finds – March 2, 2007

  1. That Marmaduke site cracks me up!!

  2. yerdoingitwrong says:

    Love these!! Found you via and I’m having fun perusing your site.

  3. I found you through the party!

    By the way, Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus is hilarious. It’s fun trying to get my daughter say, “No!” when the pigeon asks to drive the bus (she’s not yet three).

    Thanks for a great blog!


  4. First – TWOP ROCKS. It is a great site, if you aren’t checking it out you def. should. Next – those books look great. Thanks for sharing them. I am always looking for something to read with the boys other than Clifford and Dr. Seuss.

  5. Justice Fergie says:

    ooooo! I’m lovin’ the 3-way pad. I ALWAYS have a zillion post-its crunched up in my purse from writing to-do lists constantly. I just ordered the Polestar Family Planner but this one is way more protable. thanks!

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