Friday Finds – March 23, 2007

Tela’s Friday Finds
Nothing revolutionary from me, just some things that might make you smile in prep for your weekend.

– If you are ever in Montgomery, Alabama, be sure to check out this flea market. This commercial seriously cracks me up.

– If that commercial gave you a headache, maybe you should try this headache medicine.

– Any WMAGs-to-be out there, please take into consideration first and last name combos.

Susan’s Friday Finds

Who knew our daughter’s babysitter also happens to sell cute, affordable baby clothes on eBay! She has a whole store, it turns out. I was thrilled to learn this–I tend to be suspect of eBay sellers after a few bad experiences. But if I can trust Karen with my kid, I can surely trust her to sell me adorable Gymboree outfits for her. Check out her Oh Baby Boutique—I will personally vouch for her awesomeness!

Pottery Barn Kids is having its Spring Sale right now. Save up to 65% on bedding, clothes, furniture, toys, and more. I only buy PBK when it’s super-discounted, so I’m on it.

Shopping online for you? Check out, where you can submit your tastes, shape, and measurements to get recommendations on your most flattering sizes and styles.

Social networking is all the rage, so of course the Web’s most popular site for women has joined the fray with iVillage Connect. If you spend a lot of time on iVillage, you’ll like all the new options: write a blog, join a group, meet new people, and share photos and videos. I’m getting a little overloaded with the networks right now, so I’m staying on the sidelines. You can still be my friend on Maya’s Mom, though.

Cara’s Friday Finds
– Sugar-free Peeps? This favorite Easter treat now has a sugar-free version, made entirely with Splenda. I’m going to try them even if they’re getting not-so-sweet reviews.


Cool craft. Got a lot of old photo slides just sitting in a box? Make them part of your decor with this Photo Slide Lampshade idea.


Hostess with the leastest. Now yummy Hostess Cakes have 100 calories packs. Go to the website to register for a $1-off coupon.


3 thoughts on “Friday Finds – March 23, 2007

  1. Love the concept of MyShape. But the prices!?! $220 for a pair of pants! I’ll stick to my irregular-sized,$16.99 jeans from Old Navy.

  2. just4ofus says:

    I have to agree that all of the online networks are great, but I am overwhelmed and can not do any of them… I am lucky to blog.
    I joined maya’s mom and I think went there twice..
    Beware of the sugar free peeps, you may or may not be a lucky person that doesn’t have the laxative effect from the sugar alcohols.

  3. I’m overwhelmed with all the online networks, too. I can barely keep up with the blogging–and I have three wonderful women contributing.

    I might have to try those Hostess snacks. I haven’t had a twinkie in years…

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