Friday Finds – March 27, 2009

Tela’s Finds

–Yes, I admit, was into Twitter for a few months. I abandoned it when life became way to busy for me to keep up. I still hop on from time to time when I have a few seconds, but usually can’t figure out what’s going on and leave pretty quickly. You have to be committed to twit! Recently, I started to feel guilty because I don’t ever post anything (I have issues, I know–just delete my profile, right?), but then I saw this video and didn’t feel so bad for not getting on Twitter.

–Here’s another YouTube gem I found this week. I love to just replay it over and over for a quick chuckle as I go through my day. The little horn song gets stuck in my head.

I realize I’ve pimped MommyPie a few dozen times on this blog, but this was too amazing to pass up. She was proposed to through the Interwebs! After you check out that amazingness (So happy for them! She’s truly good people!), check out her new site Swap Mamas.

1 thought on “Friday Finds – March 27, 2009

  1. Thanks Tela – I couldn’t ask for a better pimp! Still on Cloud 9 after Tuesday’s event … I’M ENGAGED! Wahoo!!

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