Friday Finds – March 28, 2008

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Tela’s Finds

–Have you seen the KN Luxury Home Bamboo Sheets by Karen Neuburger? I was asked to try some. They are pretty sweet! I have the full review posted over on our review blog. Check it out.

–My friend Margaret and I were swapping some sweet YouTube Videos yesterday and cracking up, making our cubemates equal parts jealous and annoyed. Check out what was making us laugh so hard–two relative oldies: Grape Stomp Lady and Turtle Zombie Boy; and newbie: Arthur. Thanks to Margaret!

–I might complain about my job from time to time (who doesn’t?), but overall, I gotta admit, I work at a pretty cool company. Just how cool? How about hosting a 24-hour Rockband and Guitar Hero Rock-a-thon cool? It’s to help raise money for Cincinnati’s Fine Arts Fund. I work from home on Fridays, so I’m going to miss some of the action, but I’m going to try to get down there in the evening. There will be a live webcam on the site soon, so tune in to watch us all make fools out of ourselves. Well, some of us will make fools out of ourselves–some of our co-workers are scary good.

Cara’s Finds

Become a consultant. Looking to leave the 9-to-5, but still want to stay in the game? A very good friend of mine told me about this website. Once called Moms-For-Profit, it’s now Hybrid Mom Consulting. The service pairs qualified SAHMs with small businesses who are in need of professional services, such as bookkeeping, marketing, writing, proofing, design, and more. You work out of your home, on your own schedule, while the Hybrid Moms staff supervises projects and ensures client satisfaction. Learn more about how you can become a consultant. Or if you own a small business, how you can use Hybird Moms to find top notch talent.

What do Dr. Pepper and Guns ‘N Roses have in common? I have no idea. But the beverage company sure loves Axl Rose, that crazy hip-swaying lead singer. So they’re promising a free Dr. Pepper to everyone in America (excluding ex-GNR members Slash and Buckethead) if Axl releases his “Chinese Democracy” album before 2008 is over. If you know anything about this album, Axl has been working on it for about 14 years now. I’m not sure how a free can of pop is going to light a fire under Axl’s no-longer bony buttocks. But we can follow Dr Pepper’s attempt by reading their new blog:

Susan’s Finds

Scan the latest posts from leading blogs and websites–at a glance. Tela introduced me to this portal, AllTop, which aggregates the top stories from around the Web into categories. There’s Moms (oddly missing WMAG from its roster … we’ll have to fix that glitch), Career, Health, Celebrities, Humor, and lots more.

Scrapbookers rejoice. The rockin’ web-based scrapbooking creator/sharing site, Scrapblog, has launched new photo editing and cropping tools. You don’t have to be a Photoshop genius to do cool stuff with your kid pix, such as instantly crop shapes out of photos, erase pieces of images, or blur or matte an image with one click. Need a little more explanation of how to use these cool tools? Check out the first episode of Get Crafty, Scrapblog’s new web show featuring designers, new features, and crafty ideas for preserving your digital memories.


Cara Reeves is a co-founder emerita of Working Moms Against Guilt. While she doesn't contribute to WMAG currently, she'll always be our girl. She now works as a freelance copywriter with 10 years of advertising experience. Cara specializes in developing creative concepts and writing killer copy for the web, social media campaigns, print, video, broadcast, as well as articles too. Visit her website for more information:

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WMAG Reviews: KN Luxury Home Bamboo Sheets by Karen Neuburger

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