Friday Finds – May 1, 2009

Susan’s Finds

Friday Finds not enough for you? Get great mom finds every day from Mamaista. In their daily email/website, they deliver the coolest, most useful products and services for babies, tykes, tots and moms. I have really enjoyed it since signing up a couple weeks ago!

A new musical for parents. Don’t Make Me Pull This Show Over: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Parenting makes its regional premiere in the Cincinnati area at the Ensemble Theatre. Showing now through May 17, the show is a series of musical snapshots taken from unexpected angles. Sounds like fun!

When you’re shopping, how do you know if a product is really safe, healthy and green? Look it up in the independent GoodGuide. You can search or browse 70,000+ food, toys, personal care and household products to see what’s really beneath the label. Have an iPhone? Guess what — there’s a GoodGuide app for that, as the TV commercials say.

Cara’s Finds

And then a hero comes along… If you live in Cincinnati you may have heard of Shadow Hare, our local self-proclaimed superhero. Shadow Hare was featured on the local news and has since propelled himself onto TMZ and CNN. Armed with handcuffs, pepper spray, and a taser, he’s out to capture the rapists of the tri-state area. He leads a group of other masked, unitard-wearing crime fighters called the “Allegiance of Heroes.” I wonder if they meet up at the Hall of Justice? (aka the Union Terminal)

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