Friday Finds – May 15, 2009

Susan’s Finds

Got a potty trainer in the house? Watch your fellow parents and kids as they go through the process, plus get savings and tools from Huggies’ new Potty Project website.

Discover more ways to bond with your kiddo. The newly relaunched Mommy and Me website has daily tips and tools for playing with children, including a Playgroup Finder for your area.

Cincy peeps: It’s time for sex trivia and drag queens again! Last year, I helped host this party. This year, I’ll be on the sidelines. This annual YP event put on by our local Planned Parenthood is very fun and obviously supporting a great cause. RSVP now — it’s on May 29.

Cara’s Finds

Reunite “Saved by the Bell!” Although I haven’t seen one episode of Jimmy Fallon’s new talk show, I can say I’m already a fan based on the fact he’s trying to reunite the original cast of “Saved by the Bell.” Apparently Mr. Belding is already in. Want to see it happen, too? Sign the petition.

Speaking of fun reunions… the cast of Goonies reunited recently for Empire magazine’s 20th anniversary edition. You can watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the special reunion online. You, GOOONIEES!

Sara’s Finds

— I haven’t accomplished much since giving birth two weeks ago, except for pumping huge amounts of breast milk. Yay! When I do go online, I’m mostly searching for entertainment. And I found it on Twitter with two hilarious Tweeters. @HalfPintIngalls is tweeting as Laura Ingalls Wilder from the 1800s frontier. Her most recent tweet: “Tonight so many people’s Twittergraphs speak of #lost. Who is lost? Is there another blizzard?”

— And then there’s YA author Maureen Johnson, who’s re-tweeting the real tweets of @astro_mike, one of the Shuttle astronauts who actually is Twittering from space. You have to wade through some of her other tweets to get to these, but they’re funny. Example: “now i kno why they say u shouldnt make tacos in space. :(” Yes, it doesn’t take much to entertain a tired new mommy.

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