Friday Finds – May 18, 2007

Cara’s Friday Finds

Those clever hookers. I love a good idea, like this cool item found in BUST magazine. Purse hooks give you an instant place to hang your bag at a restaurant or a bar. Just clip your purse strap onto the table. Check them out at,,, and

Freak your friends. Give somebody a good scare with help from Criss Angel from Mind Freak. Go to and give him your friend’s name and phone number. (I recommend giving your name and info first so you can see how it works.) It’s pretty cool… and freaky.

– What will our baby look like? Have you ever seen those photo booths that take your picture and mash up it with another to show you what your baby will look like? Well, here’s the online version. Check out the Knocked Up Babymaker, promoting the movie Knocked Up. Upload a picture of yourself and your partner’s (or choose a cast member from a movie) and see what your baby would look like. Warning: it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Susan’s Friday Finds

The Museum of Modern Mom. OK, it’s not a museum, but Modern Mom is a cool website full of smart and practical advice on topics such as parenting, finances, career, health, wellness, beauty, entertainment and more. I can’t believe I just found it!

Career advice from a diva. CareerDiva Eve Tahmincioglu, also a columnist for, dishes out interesting news and advice for working women. Maybe reading it will help you get a raise.

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