Friday Finds – May 23, 2008

Susan’s Finds

Nothin’ cracks me up like rich white boys rapping. Get your Tea Partay on, from coast to coast. Thanks to Chris, my rich white-boy hip-hop coworker, for the link.

Would you pay $10 to get a random gift in the mail? Lots of people do at the Something Store. Give ’em $10, they’ll send you Something. You don’t know what. Hubs thinks this is ridonkulous. I think it’s kind of fun. (But I probably wouldn’t actually do it.)

If you like the On Balance blog from the Washington Post, check out Leslie Morgan Steiner’s new column on Mommy Track’d. Welcome to MT, Leslie!

You know kids are overscheduled when their parents hire an agency to schedule fun for them. I’m sorry, but why do toddlers need to be booked every hour of the day? They’ll get enough of that during their 50-some years of working.

Support New Orleans artists and get an original work of art with this special week-long eBay auction, starting today. You can bid on paintings, sculptures, mixed media and more, all created by artists in the Big Easy. Proceeds will help the Arts Council of New Orleans and artists to rebuild studios, collections, and livelihoods affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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