Friday Finds – May 29, 2009

Susan’s Finds

Maybe your folks can get those lil’ couch potatoes out and about this summer. recently launched Go Play Outside, which includes a free guide suggesting dozens of fun activities to do outside with your kids. They’re also asking grandparents to collectively spend 1 million hours outside with their grandkids this summer. Added bonus: will make a donation for each hour logged to KaBOOM, a nonprofit organization who is trying to put a playground within walking distance of every child in America.

I can’t get enough of reviews. Whenever I buy something, I almost always seek out other people’s thoughts on the product I’m considering. Besides the obvious (Amazon and Google), there’s another good review resource I just learned about: It’s focused on helping consumers make smarter, more informed decisions about the products and services they are buying. Viewpoints has thousands of reviews on products ranging from car seats and mattresses, ovens and exercise videos, to health websites and local restaurants.

Help New Moon before it’s eclipsed by a crappy economy. I have loved New Moon Girls for many years, because it offers a positive, smart, alternative media outlet for tweens and teens. They’re definitely feeling the economic pain lately, so they’re asking fans to do what they can. If you know a cool girl who could use a little New Moon in her life, give a gift membership ($29.95), which includes 12 months of full access to the website and six print issues of New Moon Girls magazine. Trust me, they will love it!

Cara’s Find

Two weeks of meals. Sam’s Club and Kraft Foods have teamed together to help you plan what’s for dinner for the next two weeks. Visit the website to download the recipes and print off a shopping list.

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