Friday Finds – May 4, 2007

Susan’s Friday Finds

Wayne’s World, Coffee Talk, Hans und Franz, Sprockets, the Ladies’ Man, Mango, the Cheerleaders, Nat X, Matt “I Live in a VAN Down By the RIVER!” Foley … are these ringing a bell of absolute hilarity for ya? Then you best watch the NBC special Saturday Night Live in the ’90s: Pop Culture Nation on Sunday at 9/8C. I cannot wait.

Get a one-month free trial of Netflix, courtesy of moi. That’s movies you pick, sent to your house. No need to thank me—your enjoyment of great films is enough. This offer expires on May 16, according to The Man (who also says quantities are limited. Aren’t they always?) As an aside, I particularly like Netflix as a company because their employees get unlimited vacation.

Do you have a silly or sweet story your child loves you to tell at bedtime? Enter the Johnson’s Bedtime Classics contest and you could have it professional illustrated and published as a real children’s book. Plus get a $1,000 gift card, a library of classic children’s books from HarperCollins, and a Johnson’s baby gift set. I wish I could enter, but the rules say no professional writers allowed.

This is for all those WMAGs in Ohio—or in other places, with friends/family in Ohio. A new low-cost (a.k.a. cheap) airline called Skybus is opening out of the Columbus, Ohio, airport. They’re offering $10 and $25 one-way fares to places like Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Kansas City, among others. You also can fly from these cities back to Columbus. That’s it, for now. If you’re looking for the catch, check out the reasons they’re so cheap.

Do you know a WMAG in the ‘Nati who could use some spa pampering? Nominate her for the Mitchell’s Ambush Makeover Contest. The winner will be surprised at home or work by an army of beauty specialists, who will wax her, dye her hair, give her a relaxing massage and facial, and all kinds of other fun stuff. Enter by May 31!

Cara’s Friday Finds
It’s Old Navy’s Stuff & Save Time! Now’s a great time to get summer clothes for the whole family. Save 20% on your entire order when you use your Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic card. The sale lasts until May 20. If you order online, shipping is only $5.
Get your quick fix for celebrity gossip. If haven’t already heard of or you must check them out. You’ll find all the celebrity pics, gossip, and tidbits to get your through your day.
Heard of Cornhole? If you’re from Cincinnati your answer is, “Yeah, duh… ” If not, you may have just let out a gasp of horror. Believe me—it’s not what you think. Aside from it’s name, Cornhole is a favorite in this area. The game’s a lot like horseshoes, except you throw corn-filled beanbags instead of heavy iron horseshoes. Check out the online version of Cornhole at the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company’s website.

1 thought on “Friday Finds – May 4, 2007

  1. Lots of great finds this morning ladies! Good job! I can’t wait for that SNL special, either, Sue.

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