Friday Finds – Nov. 20, 2009

Sara’s Find

When Shawna at The Red Studio offered a free sitting to photograph my kids in exchange for a possible mention on our blog, I said sure! Christmas is coming and I needed grandparent gifts, plus I had to capture this wonderful time in their lives. Shawna and her mom, who run the studio together, were marvelous. They worked together to get the little ones smiling and offered creative suggestions for poses to help them look their best. I’m thrilled with the results. If you live in the Cincinnati/Lebanon area, and you’re looking for great family photography, check them out!

Susan’s Finds

Baby in a Bag. Winter’s coming, so how to keep wee babies warm while they sleep? Blankies are out — SIDS risk and all. My dear friend/babysitter Karen suggested a European-style sleep sack to help Baby James stay all toasty and cozy while he snoozes. We both searched around the Internets and found Baby in a Bag. Ordered one and have used it for several weeks now — LOVE IT. It’s like a sleeping bag with arm holes. At around $25 each (plus $4.95 flat-fee shipping), Baby in a Bag is a very good deal.

WoMo: The Book, the Blog. The authors of an upcoming book about working mom moments, Marcie and Aimee, found WMAG through Twitter. We’re glad you did and reached out. Your WoMo book project in the works looks awesome, and we’re enjoying the accompanying blog, WoMoments, too.

Food with a Sense of Humor. Have you seen It’s the cooking site for real life. This recipe and cooking resource can help you create simple, quick meals at home that are healthy, nutritious and taste great (much better than frozen meals or fast food!). Also check out the FunnySpoon blog.

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